Cat and Confusion

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After 4 painful hours of explanation on why ALL of the countries had adopted me, I understood it all. I was more comfortable with them now, knowing that they wouldn't hurt me. "Und America, I zhink jou zhould take her," Germany said, pulling me from my thoughts. America nodded, standing up. "C'mon, Jenna, the hero's gonna be your new roommate!" he half-yelled, grinning widely. I stood next to him, following him up the stairs, into an extravagant bedroom. "Wow," I breathed, examining it It was beautiful. "It's your room, isn't that totally awesome?!" he exclaimed, beaming at me. I noticed my suitcase in the corner, and threw it into the closet. America left, and I laid down on the bed, falling into a deep and comfortable sleep.

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