Chp. 2 "One Year Later"

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Chp. 2 "One Year Later"



I honked loudly as I pulled up to Max’s house, he always made me wait even though I told him I was on my way. I watched him walk out of the house, he had changed significantly since we had met. His hair was fixed and gelled and his acne had cleared, his shoes weren’t too big and neither was his leather jacket. We were two completely different people since last year when we met, and we had become best friends.

Ever since we found out that we had the same electric ability.

He had been over excited for me but I had been nothing but freaked the fuck out. He had explained to me how to control it and we had hung out every day after school since. We had mastered our powers together, searching for people like us but never being able to find any. We were sure there were people out there who were like us but finding them… well…

He joined me in my car and sighed, “Sorry, I was taking a shit.”

I rolled my eyes, “Really Max?”

We started on our way to school when he spoke, “The end of senior year is in view. It really can’t end fast enough.”

I nodded, “Yes I know, trust me.”

I looked through my rearview mirror, seeing my familiar green eyes as they stared back at me. Lately I had been thinking about myself, the thoughts of who I actually was came to my mind quite often now. The powers were a mystery, where did they come from and why me? Neither of my parents were like me… so how did I end up like this?

The answers I would come up with would scare me but explaining my situation to them was impossible. I hadn’t even touched on the subject of what I had discovered the day I had met Max. What was the best way to tell your parents you could control electricity? I mean… it was unnatural and almost impossible, but not to me and Max.

Explaining it to other people was near impossible… and my parents, well, it was even more impossible.

I drove up to our familiar high school, parking in my usual spot as I looked at Max, “Two more months.”

He nodded, “It literally can’t come fast enough.”

We exited my car as we made our way towards the front doors. I tugged my booksack tighter against my back as I shoved the double doors open and headed to my locker. Max followed besides me as we shoved our way through the halls and finally got to my locker in one piece.

Max spoke, “I’ll just share your book today in biology.”

I nodded, “Ok.”

We walked up the crowded stairs slowly, which only annoyed me further. Sometimes I just wanted to give people a little shock just to make them hurry the fuck up. Learning how to control my powers had been tough, for days I could barely get into my car and not short out my radio again. It had taken a lot of concentration but now it was as easy as breathing.

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