Chapter 5: Sloth

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Sloth- Defined as a failure to do things that one should do and the avoidance of work and not utilising one's talents or abilities. A person that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing and lives for nothing. Having given up on finding meaning in doing anything and remaining apathetic.

The female stared at the boy that had popped out from underneath the covers and could feel her face growing red with a mixture of shame and embarrassment as she desperately hoped he would not catch on to her actions. (Y/n)'s tongue refused to articulate any explanatory words.

The male halfheartedly analysed the girl before laying his head down in a relaxed manner while still maintaining eye contact with his flummoxed intruder. "Are you here to rob me?" (Y/n) muted at the claim, wanting nothing more than to avoid having a repeat of her previous confrontation. The female shook her head and hummed in disagreement. "Oh...can you leave then? You're disturbing my sleep." His vocals came out drowsy and serene as his body prepared to return to a slumbering state.

"W-wait! Are you Seok by any chance?" The male held one bright blue eye open to regard the girl's inquiry.

"Yes..." She felt the relieving sense of joy before taking out her letter to present it to the tired boy.

"My name is (Y/n) (L/n). My mother was a cleaner here and had an accident this morning and-"

"Could you get to the point, I want to go back to bed...?" The girl, for a split second, silenced herself at the disheartening words and their lacking care .

"Oh...well, I'm here to take my mother's place until she gets better. I want to know if that's possible, I have a letter of approval from my mother." The girl handed the piece of paper to the male that continuously was in a state of dozing off, catching his short attention span.

The boy stared blankly at the letter before taking it with great reluctance as he realised the prospect of reading over the excusal. He assessed the note while the female uncomfortably fidgeted as she agitated herself with worrisome thoughts. (Y/n) exhaled in relief once the letter was handed to her, only for the girl to realise he had been reading it upside down. 'Did he even read it...?!'

She held back her complaint and chose to stay quiet in expectancy to receive some sort of significant response. "What is that?" (Y/n) felt her nerves spiking at the waste of time she was put through before letting out a shaky and unstable sigh.

"I hear someone called Mr Kim can help me. Do you know where I might find him?" The boy grumbled in his pillow before lifting his heavy hand and pointing towards the door. The girl eased her frustration once she realised her patience was wearing thin and stared at the male to await for an answer.

"He should be leaving in a few minutes...go to the front of the building..." (Y/n) blinked a few times, her mind bundling in a knot of fatigue and impediment, feeling near stubborn-tears at the sound of the location.

"But...that's where I started from...I didn't have to go through all this in the first place?" (Y/n) stared at the male as his body lightly expanded and deflated as his form relaxed into the mattress, completely blocking out the rest of the world. 'Did he seriously fall asleep...?' The girl investigated him for a full minute before dishearteningly glaring at his unresponsive visage. "Well...thank you I guess..." The female wondered whether it was worth acknowledging her departure, however, backed out on the idea as she exited his room.

(Y/n) sluggishly made her way to the front entrance of the compound where she had previously entered the building from. The girl stepped down the path, passing the large statue in careful mindfulness not to step into its vicinity out of cautious reflexes. As she walked towards the gate, the female spotted a large, black car that was being entered by an elderly male.

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