Chapter Twenty-Six

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[Chapter Twenty-Six]

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[Chapter Twenty-Six]

The problem Ringo faced while holding the list of names was knowing that it bothered him, even when it wasn't real. Knowing that the signatures were falsely acquired had made him feel better but it was just seeing the names and knowing that someone went so far as to create a petition to get him removed from the school. Helen had gone through all the trouble of coming up with the lie and collecting the signatures just to make her point. It left him angry with the girl, but at the same time, he was sure that if the girl presented a piece of parchment paper asking for their peers to sign it knowingly to boot Ringo from the school, they probably would have signed it a lot faster.

He didn't want to believe it, but it was hard for him to think that people wouldn't side against him since the only people who had made an effort to speak with him at school were Tonks and Charlie. Everyone else was fully convinced that if they approached Ringo within the corridors that he would more than likely slash their throats right then and there. He wasn't sure what things Helen's father had told her, so he didn't even know half the things she was telling other students. Of course, they would take her word and the word of an Auror over his, even though he was the one actually there that night it all happened.

In an effort to save himself as a boy, Ringo became his own hero when he was nine, but at the same time, he became his own worst enemy.

He had saved his life but destroyed it at the same time as he came to realise years later. He had killed his parents, but instead of instantly feeling relief, he just became a killer. It had done nothing good for him except stop one form of abuse. His anger was just a mask for what he was truly feeling at that moment and that was pure sadness. Ringo was coming to believe that he would never find acceptance and it was started to sink further and further into his mind.

Fortunately, the couple of friends that he had made were probably among the most stubborn in the world. Tonks being the most stubborn. After she revealed that Helen had collected the signatures through lies, it appeared that Tonks was angrier than Ringo. Even though in Ringo's mind, it didn't affect her at all. Only, it did, in ways that he didn't understand because Tonks didn't want him to leave the school and she knew very well that Charlie didn't want Ringo to leave either. She claimed that she was going to get Helen back for starting the whole thing, but Ringo didn't know why she was going to bother? No matter what Tonks did to Helen, it wasn't going to change Helen's mind about Ringo. She obviously hated him enough that whatever Tonks had planned was not going to make much of a difference.

But Ringo had a tendency to underestimate Tonks.

Normally, on Tuesday mornings, Ringo was usually greeted by Tonks in the Common Room as it had become a common habit for her to make sure that he shared breakfast with her and Charlie. However, that Tuesday morning, Ringo saw that she wasn't there and when he arrived in the Great Hall, she wasn't there either. He approached Charlie, sitting at the Gryffindor table, knowing that if Tonks didn't harass to eat that Charlie would pick up the slack without question.

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