The Dance. Do...the Dance

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"Decepticons. It is with deep sorrow, that I note for the log, Megatron's spark, has been extinguished. All hail Starscream."

"All hail Starscream!" The Vehicon soldiers chanted. Megatron was offline, and now Starscream is the new leader of the Decepticons. What could go wrong? "Well, well. You certainly didn't waste any time." Came an all to familiar voice. "What?!" Starscream exclaimed when he saw his lord and master standing before him. "I just watched you perish!"

"I did not perish then, and I'm very much with you now. The present you, as well as the past." Starscream gave a confused look, then he turned around. "All hail Starscream!"

"I can't hear you!" The past Starscream yelled.

"All hail Starscream!"

"One more time!"

"All hail Starscream!"

Meanwhile outside of the Psychic Patch, Knockout is enjoying watching Starscream embarrass himself. "This is going to be juicy."

"All hail Starscream!" Starscream was doing his, 'Yay! I'm the leader of the Decepticons' dance.

The present Starscream realized this, and suddenly had a thought. "Do it my liege."

"Do what?"

"The dance. Do...the dance."

"Wha-NO! I will not do that dance!"

"You know you want to my liege." Now Starscream started doing the dance. "You know you want to."


"Just do it."


"But you must."

"No. I don't have to. And you can't make me."


"No buts!" Even though Megatron didn't want to admit it, he got the sudden urge to do the dance. "I will admit. That dance is unnecessary and very inappropriate."


" is also...strangely addictive." Now both Megatron and Starscream were doing the dance. "Now, Lord Megatron. I want you to say it."

"And what exactly might that be, Starscream?"

"I want you to say, "All hail Starscream."

"Fine then. All hail...Megatron." Starscream shot him a, 'Just do it right.' look. "Fine, fine. All hail Starsc-Megatron." Now Starscream was really beginning to look very ticked off. "Alright, alright. All hail Starscream. There. You happy now?"

"Well, I would also love it, if you could-"

"No. I am not bowing before you. Megatron bows before no one."

"Alright, fine."

"This dance is addictive."

"I know right!" 

And Megatron and Starscream continued on with their dancing, while Knockout was just watching...laughing at what was happening. Soundwave, being the spy he is, wanted to know, just what was so funny. He thought Knockout was just watching weird videos on YouTube again, but he was wrong. Soundwave casually walked into the med bay, where he was greeted by a laughing Knockout. "S-Soundwave! Y-you gotta s-see this!" That was all Kncokout could get out, before laughing again. Soundwave looked toward the screen and saw a sight he had not seen in eons...Megatron and Starscream, dancing. Soundwave tried to maintain his emotions, but he just couldn't. Now both Knockout and Soundwave were laughing their helms off.

Only seconds later, there were a few Vehicons watching Megatron and Starscream dancing like there was no tomorrow. Soon the entire crew was in on it. Knockout even wanted to send the video footage to the Autobots, so he had Soundwave send a file to their base.

"Optimus, you might want to look at this." Ratchet said, as the file came up. "What is it?" The Prime asked. "A Decepticon file. But...why would the Decepticons send it to us?"

"I do not know. But there might be valuable information inside."

"Right." With that the Autobot medic and the Prime waited as the file was loading, then suddenly...the whole base was filled with laughter. I don't think Megatron and Starscream will ever live this down. Everyone will joke about it for the rest of their lives.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Author's note: I owe my dad for this one. He came up with the idea, and that's how I decided to start this book. Anyways, carry on.                                                                                                                  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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