Chapter Fourteen

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At five thirty Jessica and Eliza came to my bedroom door. I had been locked in pretty much all day, I didn't mind that except for the crawling tension on my skin.

Nathaniel had reached for me a few times more, always asking me if I wanted him to come and get me. I knew he could feel the throbbing in my side where a large bruise was spreading, vividly purple and blue.

Jessica was smiling with fake warmness as she sat down on the bed beside me. 'Feeling better honey?'

Suspiciously I eyed what Eliza was holding, red cloth and a pair of heels. The girl herself wore a tiny black number with slits on either side till high up her thighs. It revealed the long length of her her legs.

'I felt fine this morning, I wanted to go to school,' I told my stepmother with a glower in her direction. My palms I rubbed gently over the rough fabric of my jeans. The damage to it hadn't been too bad, only the top-layer of skin missing where I'd hit the pavement.

'You had a fever,' Jessica said and she reached her hand out to touch my forehead, 'But it's gone now.' Her voice was still sickly sweet but there was a hard edge to her eyes.

'My fever was gone yesterday! I was perfectly fine this morning,' I said as I stood up and out of reach.

'Don't take that tone with me young lady!' Jessica said standing up herself and narrowing her eyes at me. Her sugary manners gone she snapped a hand out and Eliza quickly placed the red cloth in it.

'Put this on and those heels and get your hair and make up done. We're all dining with clients of your father. Don't even think about misbehaving, if this deal falls through your father will have your head.'

The red cloth was pressed into my hands roughly and Eliza tossed the heels down at my feet. The both of them spun on their own heels and stalked out the door with swaying hips. It was near identical except that Eliza wore a black dress while Jessica's was a more stylish blue.

I hated to admit it but they both dressed to kill. Their style a little too revealing for my taste but they never looked tacky or cheap, simply deadly beautiful. With a shock I realized that the pang in my chest was jealousy.

Stupid. They were horrible people, I had no reason to be jealous.

Twenty minutes later I found myself showered and dressed in a bright red dress, sporadically decorated with sparkling sequins. While it still showed off my figure and brought out the red in my hair it was screaming and nothing like the sophisticated dark red dress I'd worn on my date with Nathaniel.

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