saved by my brother pt.2

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Naruto's POV

I was surprised on what he had just said as I looked at my older brother Kyuubi he seemed mad like really made even Menma but he stayed by my side the whole time while Kyuubi handled the camp leader as she seemed, to me on spooky pinky and terrible annoying I respect the blonds.

But any who I was soon picked up by someone as I looked up to see Sasuke "we need to get your wheel chair" Sasuke says as I nodded and noticed Sasukie was already gone.

"I'm sorry but that's just what its gonna have to be he or they might be expelled from the school" I heard as I looked over at the camp leader and I saw sakura smirking at me like she knew what was going on even Ino was also smirking I had a bad feeling about this, as I looked at Menma who seemed only to get madder every minute and Sasukie came back with my wheel chair as Sasuke put me down in it as he pat my head and went to his older brother Itachi Sasukie did the same while I just stayed with, Menma the whole time doing my best to calm my brother down I couldn't do much since he was able to freaking walk and I couldn't and yes I can heal myself quickly but that's not so easy when there half destroyed but still healing least, but soon something happened as I twitched lightly before looking into the forest I wasn't the only one Menma and my brother who had stopped his conversation with the camp leader was also looking to the forest.

I think every got confused cause they didn't know a thing but Sasuke and Sasukie were also looking at the forest I tilted my head to the side a bit until I saw a small siluette in the background it was near the tree's and never came any closer to the camping, site except for and inch from the tree's but I think it noticed up as Kyuubi went to fallow it.

After a while he came back like nothing happened but I could tell in his eyes something did happen but what ever it was he seemed pretty determined to kill it.

But he wasn't gonna be able to cause it disappeared probably before he got his hands on it but hey not his fault though he tried at least he really tried to get it before it continued on with its whatever plans of creepiness.

Soon a hand was placed on my shoulder as I looked up and found Sasuke but he was glaring at sakura who well just stand there and blushed like a pretty girl.........well I think that's what she's trying to do cause SHE'S.TRYING.TO.HARD. to even look like one, still though she cant get what she want all ways and if I get thrown in jail because of her a lot of junk is gonna go down.

But any who its no ones I mean she hates me she hatted me ever since I got enrolled in the school but she sure doesn't hate mini me and she still scares me though I snapped a bit and broke her arm but that's all I ever did and she can hear herself can she or can she not.

So can't let her get the best of me anymore though action do speak louder then words that's a true factor.

But any who I'm so made right now cause of all the junk I have to now deal with just because of her she's so annoying and it always thinking of ways to hurt me I mean why me of all people I may be around Sasuke but that doesn't mean were dating.........we are BTW but she doesn't know that she just thinking I'm out to get him just like she is well honey you thought wrong, cause he's mine and you cant have him.

"I dont understand why your so focused on trying to hurt me or kill me" i said outloud that was a lie i so know why cause i know if i get her made enough than she'll snapp and spill everything or just pretend to cry.

"What are you talking about naruto i never did such a thing why are you trying to make up rumors" she says oh so petty little girl it is huh "Well if it wasnt you than why are both my legs broken and i was put into a coma" i said in a slightly baby like voice as her eye started twiching, "i dont know maybe you fell down the stairs" Sakura says "how when our house dosent even have stairs" Kyuubi asked looking at her tilting his head sideways "and i dont recall our school having a bus neither" Menma says "plus I cant fall down the stairs on the bus that takes us here" I said crossing my arms as I felt one of my tails twitch than I looked over to Sasuke who was whispering something to Sasukie.

Sakura didn't know what to say neither did Ino they both stayed silent as they tried to fake cry though Sakura sucked at faking thinks plus acting flirting sort of if your an ideot and don't know the real her, but Me and Menma do she's actually an evil which but after hours of talking mostly Kyuubi was and Itachi as me and Menma were allowed to stay on campus which was a good thing I get to continue having fun with my friends yay.

Soon as 2 days went by a it was almost time for us to leave the camp sight we leave tomarrow so we do what ever we want to so me and Kyuubi decided to leave the camp sight and go deep into the forest to let out our ears and tails cause we don't trust our own Cabin so ya no trusto amando hehe but still the person we saw was......


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