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“Donny was pissing from the window again.”

“No I wasn’t,” Donny said. He picked at his cereal.

Lily pointed her spoon at him angrily, throwing spots of milk all over the table.

“Yes he was! I saw it! He got drunk again and pissed out the window!”

“Shut the fuck up.”


Their father, Jim, raised his head from his bowl of cereal. His thinning hair made him even less intimidating than he already was; the whole family had begun to regard him as a shell of a man.

Before he could say anything Donny yelled “I caught her fucking her boyfriend in her room again!”

Their mother, Karen, walked in at that exact moment. Her red lips were pursed, and her hair was put up in a messy bun, as it was every morning. When she heard what her daughter had done her eyes went wild.

“She did what?

Donny smirked.

“I think the more accurate question is: ‘She did who?”

Jim threw his spoon in the bowl and looked up.

“That’s enough. Don, if anyone catches you pissing out your window again I’ll cut your dick off. If we catch you getting drunk again, I’ll cut your dick off. If I catch you doing anything that I don’t like, I’ll cut your dick off.”

“Impossible, it’s too small to cut.”

Lilly smirked at her comment, and Don flicked her off.


Jim grabbed his hand, slamming it down on the table.

“If he’s anything like your father...” Karen muttered, making herself toast.

“Not in front of the kids, hon.”

“Oh, damn dad! She just burned you!”

“Yes, well. In college I was lucky she didn’t burn me with an STD.”

Jim shot her a look, showing his dominance in the cruel game.

She threw the toast into the sink, breaking the plate and making the bread soggy.

“I have to leave for work.”

“Honey, I’m sorry. I was just kidd-”

“I’ll be late if I don’t leave now. I’ll see you later, if you’re not dead of AIDS.”


She grabbed her coat and left.

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