Ch. 29 Jessica!

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Jessica come's skipping back to us. "Dads fine with it." For some reason I don't think he's totally fine with it. More like Jessica told him he was fine with it and he agreed to let her have her way.
"Are you headed back?" Andrew asks, as a rather large man with the darkest eyes I've ever seen steps closer to us. He's focused on Marta for some reason and he doesn't look too happy. I wouldn't want to deal with him. He's as big as Lennox and looks just as hard.
Mesmerized by his eyes for a split second, I snap out of it and answer Andrew, "Yeah, Marta is sleeping over with us."
"I'll follow you back. I have a few things to discuss with your father." I nod and look around for the Robinsons, but they're not here.
The three of us head to the woods to shift and I whisper to Marta, "Who was that guy?"
"Beta Dante Hightower. A delicious caramel treat isn't he?"
I giggle at her description. "He's definitely memorable." I reply, looking back at the handsome man.
She tucks her hair behind her ear. "He asked me out."
"Really?" I ask, shocked she didn't tell me already.
"Yeah, we're going for dinner tomorrow."
"So, that's why he was staring at you. By the looks of it he doesn't want you to leave."
"Well, he can get over it. I want to spend time with my sister." She responds, as we go a little further into the trees.
"Do you like him, like him?" I question.
"He's a tad bossy and sometimes a little too controlling, but those eyes and those abs." She says, pretending to swoon making Jessica and I erupt in laughter.
Jessica changes her voice trying to sound like Marta. "Well, he's bossy, arrogant and a domineering jackass, but those eyes and abs!"
"I don't sound like that! And I didn't call him a jackass!" Marta yells, trying not to laugh.
"Even if he was, would it matter?" Jessica asks.
Marta starts undressing. "Probably not." She admits. "It's kinda hot."
We shift and run back to the house with more wolves then we came with. The three of us are surrounded by the other wolves and I'm surprised we make it back quicker than I thought we would. We find our clothes where we left them and shift back. I dress quickly and find clothes for Marta to wear. My brothers leave extras outside for themselves, but I'm sure they won't mind.
We walk through the back door and as always Mom is in the kitchen. I didn't talk to her very much after we landed. I played dress up with Jessica for about 40 minutes before we left to go see Marta. "Hey, do you need help making dinner?" I ask.
"No, honey. I got it."
"Is this your sister?" She asks with a smile.
"It is, this is Marta. Marta, this is my mom." I wince, "That is officially the weirdest introduction that's ever been given." Mom laughs and holds out her hand.
"It's nice to meet you, Marta."
"Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Griffin. Thanks for allowing me to come."
"Anytime. Truly I mean it." Mom says, sincerely.
Marta smiles and I hear a loud bang. The twins come into the room pushing each other. "Who's the hottie? In my clothes and do I get to take them off of her?" Jason asks. I jump when I hear a loud growl and see Beta Hightower glaring at Jason. Jason wisely puts his hands up in a surrendering motion. "Just asking, Bro." He smirks.
"Watch it, Dante." Andrew warns.
Beta Hightower looks away from Jason and I see Jason visibly relax. "Jason, Josh. This is my sister, Marta." I introduced.
"Hey." They reply simultaneously.
"So, are you seeing anyone?" Josh asks, smirking. I giggle and Marta turns red. Mom of course laughs the loudest and I look at Beta Hightower who is not amused, but his alpha is all smiles.
"You're asking for it, pup." Beta Hightower, warns.
I stop laughing immediately, noticing the coldness in Beta Hightower's eyes. Andrew growls, "You scare her again," he says, pointing at me, "and I'll be the one kicking your ass." He threatens, as dad comes into the room.
"What's the problem?" Dad questions.
"There's no problem, Alpha." Beta Hightower answers.
"Good. Let's talk Andrew. I just got an update from Lennox." The guys leave and I smirk at Marta. "You've been claimed."
"He's a little presumptuous, don't you think?" She asks and I chuckle.
"You know you love it."
She sighs dramatically. "I know."
I look at mom and ask, "What's going on? Have you heard anything about Rachel and her being on Lennox's territory?"
"He's searching for her. She's been there with another female he kicked out of his pack." She explains.
"Do you know the name of the other female?" I question thinking of Wendy, the brownie girl. The girl who set my bed on fire.
"No, Travis didn't say." Mom answers.
"Do you think it was that Wendy girl?" Marta asks me and I shrug.
"That's who I was thinking it might be." I reply.
"She did set your bed on fire." Marta says, like I need the reminder.
"Someone set your bed on fire!" Jessica yells. Marta tells everyone the details of Wendy's jealousy. By the end everyone seems to think it's her acting with Rachel.
I can't help but feel a little relieved. I think the shock of Rachel's betrayal to the family has worn off and they're trying to minimize her chances of hurting the family. All, neighboring alphas have been alerted and have agreed to detain her if she crosses onto their land. I hope she comes home and nothing comes of her threats. She obviously needs help and won't get it if she gets herself killed. Walking onto claimed land and hiding in the woods is a sure way to get yourself hurt.
I wonder where she is. She had to have left the US for Canada or is hiding in a nearby city. There aren't many options, but she could still have allies within the pack relaying information to her so she'd know where to hide. I can't help but worry that someone will get hurt in the end. Something's can't be controlled or predicted, no matter how careful you are.
"Marta, what are you being for Halloween?" Jessica question's innocently.
"Good God! Jessica!" I yell.

Alpha Lennox Hall
The search turned up nothing. Rachel and Wendy are most definitely not on my territory anymore. If they wanted to stay close Rhys's pack would be ideal. If they wanted to flee they're either past the U.S. border into Canada, or in a big city. Travis has the cooperation from all the Alpha's in the surrounding packs. If Wendy or Rachel come onto their territory they'll immediately be detained until Travis can transport them back home. I'm not comfortable with the wait, I want to find them now. Tomorrow, I'm going to Alpha Rhys' under the guise of asking about his former pack member Wendy. I'll know if he has any involvement with the two. I'm not doubting that he knows something. However, he wouldn't want Jocelyn hurt and those two woman want to hurt her.
I walk to our bedroom and strip down to my underwear. I climb into our bed breathing in Jocelyn's scent, instantly finding myself wanting her. It hasn't changed, her scent still makes me want her even after mating. It always takes control of me. I breathe in her scent and I can distinguish it from mine, it's not our scent as one, we still have separate scents! How can that be? I sit up, her sent is still her own as is mine. How can I have claimed her with a mark and still our scents haven't joined as one? Did her body, her wolf rejected my claim? How didn't I notice this before?
I jump out of bed and dress quickly. If my claim on Jocelyn isn't recognized, then I can still be challenged by another male on the date of the Alpha challenge. Which is Jocelyn's eighteenth birthday. As it stands we're not mated, my mark on her is meaningless. If she chose another she could and I wouldn't be able to stop her. However, the thing that's making me rush to the door is the fact I let my unmarked female, whom I've chosen as my mate leave my territory.
I try to feel her through our bond. It's not there, why isn't it there anymore? I didn't notice until now, I'm not feeling her emotions. I don't recall when it stopped, it could have been earlier this week. My mind has been on work and then Rachael and Wendy. This is a colossal fuck up. I call Travis.
"I need you to keep Jocelyn from any unmated males. Something went wrong with the claim, it didn't take. I can't feel her emotions. I just now noticed our scents aren't intertwined, we're not mated."
"Calm down. I didn't want to tell you this because I didn't want anything forced on her, but the same thing happened with Jen. My claim wouldn't hold until I had gotten her pregnant. It looks like Jocelyn is the same way. My claim never last longer than a few days."
"You kept this from me." I seethe.
"I wanted my daughter to have a choice. Are you willing to wait for her to be ready to have pups? Can you accept that you won't be fully mated until then?"
"Did you?" I question, knowingly.
"I did not." He sighs.
"Then that was a pretty stupid fucking question, now wasn't it?"
"She gets to choose." He states with finality.
I grit my teeth together, but I can't control the rage inside of me. "If I lose her because you kept this from me I'll tear off your God damn head!" I shout, hanging up and dialing Liam. "Get Jocelyn home, right now." I order.

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