Chapter 11

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[What joins us aren't our memories, it is our hearts.]


Eyes opening, Jimin flinched at the bright focus of the light. Shutting them back again, he opened them slowly but it only evolved more tears due to the brightness. Closing them and opening them again a few more times, the tears seemed to have gone as quickly as they had come.

Noticing it was the same bed of the hospital that he had lied in before, he was felt arms near his thighs. He looked to the left side to find that Jungkook was sleeping.

This scene seemed to have touched his heart as well as broken it. Despite all the cold shoulder of Jimin for the past few days, Jungkook still cared enough to be by his side. Jimin smiled gently at the sleeping figure and ran his index finger in circular motion in the maknae's hair.

Jimin glanced at the clock that hung at the wall in front of him, the time being: 9:18 A.M.

Patiently, he waited for either Jungkook to wake up or for a doctor or a nurse to come in but neither had happened until thirty minutes or so had passed. Jungkook waking up was the first action that had taken place.

Of course, the worried eyes had glimmered in the shining room with sentences spoken in questions.

"Do you feel better? Are you okay? Does your head hurt? Or is it he ankle? What about food, do you need anything? Are you hungry?" The questions shot Jimin one after another, like a rifle being used in wartime.

Jimin smiled, giving up whatever he had thought of before. He was willing to get hurt even if it means making the boy in front of him happy. Because for the smile of Jungkook, he would go to extreme levels.

His heart didn't matter anymore since it had already been stolen, after all, there isn't much you can do about thefts. Not even the police can deal with such thefts.

"How do you expect me to answer all of them at the same time?" Jimin pouted and this made Jungkook's hair stand, giving him a roller coaster ride.

"A-are you okay?" Jungkook asked, slowly for the boy to understand better. Jimin nodded, "I have never felt better." Jimin grinned cheekily at the maknae who showed his bunny teeth as well.

"I see that you all are up and about!" A cheerful voice interrupted them, and the voice belonged to the same doctor who had attended Jimin before.

"Ji Won hyung!" Jimin exclaimed, clearly happy to see the older male. Jungkook despised how he would turn Jimin into smiling like an idiot but nonetheless, Ji Won was the only help he could get yesterday. And he was extremely grateful to him since he was kind to an extent where he bought coffee for Jungkook as well.

"Jiminie." He said, ruffling the patient's hair, "How do you feel?" Jimin nodded saying that he felt better than he did yesterday.

"Did you take your medications yesterday?" Ji Won asked with a notepad in his hand, scribbling away the details of what was being spoken.

"" Jimin felt small and ashamed as he answered, he thought that the doctor would be disappointed in him. Ji Won sighed, "That's the problem."


"-are ready. Most probably tomorrow or the day after that?" Jimin heard the maknae give a suggestion.

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