taking the beating

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never wants to hear the compliments i give,

i'm sitting here writing about how i love you and our amazing relationship,

then you have the nerve to tell me to shutup?

i've had about enough

of the costant rage,

and you sitting there playing your dumbass games,

and i'm tired of the burning pains,

understand, all i ever wanted to do

is love you

i would never harm you,

so why's it so easy for you to hurt me?

why's it so easy for you to beat me down?

cut me to the ground with your words

cause me so much hurt,

when all i wanted to do is love you,

hold you in my arms,

suffocate in your warmth

why's that have to be so hard?

the silence is worse than the screaming

here i am taking the beating,

because i couldn't keep my mouth shut,

i told you i loved you,

and it pissed you off.

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