Chapter 12 ( part 2: just here to update for you)

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{This Trailer is from the movie The Babadook  it will make sense in this chapter, and if you haven't already watch the movie, its kinda spooky but not too spooky and the boy is sooo annoying}


(y/n POV)

We all got back home and sat on the couch "Uggggh I'm bored" Zoe says, " yeah same, lets play some more videogames" Anti says. "nah I don't wanna" I say. "welp I'm not just gonna sit here doing nothing, I am gonna Make popcorn, (y/n) go get 3 big blankets, Anti you find a spooky movie to watch. Mark you come with me and get drinks, Wilford and Dark you two get random sweets and all meet up here, BREAK!."

We all got up and did our part, and all met back up on the couch. "So Anti what movie did you pick" Zoe said whilst sitting down on the couch next to mark and me. "Well I picked this movie called The Babadook it looks ok so I think we can watch this for a while then we can pick other ones in the future" Anti says. "Ok then that sounds good, everyone agree?" Zoe says. "Agree" everyone says at the same time".

{Time skip brought to you by FNAF Sister Location} 

"Well the movie was nice" Zoe said whial eating a candy bar. "Yeah nice" I said. "Aww is little ol' (y/n) scared of the babadook" Dark said. "n-no" I shakily staited. "BOO" Wilford shouted "AHHHHHHHHHHH" I yelled. Everyone started to burst out laughing accept Anti, "Hey guys stop she was scared is all no need to make fun of it" Anti said "Yeah Anti's right sorry (y/n)" Zoe said. "It's ok Zoe, Because I'll get all of you back hehehe" "Yeah sure you will. Now lets find another movie to watch"

{Another spoopy time skip made by granola bars}

It's 1:30am now and we got done with another movie, "Well I'm going to bed, night" I say. "ok lets go" Anti says "OHHHHHHHH you go Anti" everyone yells. I then blush and speed walk to my room. I change into my pj's, and fall asleep next to Anti.

{The next morning}

I woke up around 9:00 am in the morning, and walked in the living room to see a sight that almost made me burst out in laughter. Wilford, Dark, Mark, and Zoe were all on the couch together piled up together, I quickly ran back in my room to grab my phone, and took 5 pictures of the group of people and sent the best one in a group chat to everyone including, Anti. From the other room I heard Anti burst out laughing and he came running out of the bedroom, he then started to laugh even more at the sight in person witch in turn caused everyone to wake up.  after every one relized they were basicly on top of each other, every one screamed at the top of there lungs falling off the couch. "Well that was a hilarious state of events" I say whilst still chuckling. "Yeah funny" Dark says putting air quotations on the word funny.


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