CHAPTER 10 - "I give the orders"

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When I left the prison I went to Lexa’s tent to pull things out, but I stopped a few steps before it when I heard yelling inside. I recognized Lexa’s voice and considered the theme of the arguing, I guess the dumbass she was facing was Aspen.

“I told you to follow her! Not to kill her!” She yelled at him.

“I did, but then the Skaikru guy came and I didn’t know what he was going to do, I couldn’t risk him to get to the camp.” Aspen defended himself, he hesitated and then said “… to you.”

After these words nothing, no a sound so I sneaked in, just enough to see inside. Aspen was looking Lexa with the kindest look I’ve ever seen but she tried to avoid it. She was playing with her rings, I know she used to do that when she was stressed.

“So you decided to attack them and put my sister’s life in danger, maybe kill her just for …” He came close to her and raised his voice:

“If you expect me to apologize, that is'nt going to happen! I’m not sorry that I put Clarke’s life in danger if it was to save yours and you know that I would do it a thousand times again if it was for you. You’re the true queen of Polis and I will always put you first … I thought you knew that.”

Saying these last words he came closer and put his lips on Lexa’s and kissed her passionately. It was messy and a little bit shy but then Lexa kissed him back. Aspen moved his hands from her neck to her waist and lifted her. Her hands were lost in his curly hair and she didn’t want to break the kiss. He slowly put her down and removed his lips from hers. She was now looking at him with the same look that he had.

She bit her lower lips and whispered: “You don’t get to do that.” They both smiled and Lexa put a quick kiss on his lips.

“Go now someone might have seen you in.” He bowed kissing her hand and left the tent. I quickly moved so he would’t notice me.

The second after I was in the tent

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The second after I was in the tent.
“Let him go.” I said. Lexa turned and smiled ironicly.

“Who? The Skaikru soldier? Not a chance.” I remained quiet supporting her look.

“He was on that hill, wasn’t he? That’s why you didn’t answer to me earlier, you were protecting him. Why?”

“He saved my life. Twice. And he’s not responsible for what happened in that village, you know you can’t blame one man for the loss of 300.” Lexa seemed to not pay attention to what I was saying.

“Oh please, your feelings are clouding your judgment. Maybe it’s not fair, but he did kill our people so I won’t stop them for blaming him.”

“Blaming? You mean beating to death!” I yelled. I saw Lexa's look change, she wasn’t aware of what happened when Bellamy came into the camp.

I violently grabbed her arm and brought her to the prison. Some guards came to block me when they saw me coming to the prison again, I was loosing my patience.

“Ge hon in Yu out kom my edei!” We came inside without any trouble and I heard Bellamy coughing from the entry of prison, something was wrong. I let go of Lexa’s arm and started running to his cell, she followed me.

When we arrived to his cell a soldier was upon him hitting his face. Lexa was horrified. I came into the cell quickly and took him off.

“This is not how we treat our prisoners!” Lexa screamed. “You should be ashamed of yourself! Out of my sight!” The soldier ran out and I came closer to Bellamy. I sat and held him on my knees. I started cleaning his face with the water in the bucket next to him.

Lexa called me once but I didn’t move, she repeated herself twice but I didn’t even blink

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Lexa called me once but I didn’t move, she repeated herself twice but I didn’t even blink. “We need to get rid of him before things get worse.” I didn’t answered so she kept going. “I know you had planned a meeting with this girl Octavia, I’ll go.”

I straightened my head and said: “No you’re not! This was a deal with the Skaikru to find a way to solve all of this without going through a war, I’m not letting you screwed that up!”

“Screw up! You’re the one who created this mess." She yelled.

"Excuse me?"

"Walking away during a crisis, saving the enemy, turning your back on your people. I’m here to fix everything like always. I will go to this meeting alone and you will both stay here waiting for me to come back and figure out what we will do. This is not an argumentation, I give the orders and you follow them, since you’re not capable of taking your responsibilities.”

She walked away.
I knew she was right with some points and maybe it was the right thing to do but I didn’t felt this way. At least I could watch over Bellamy.
He grabbed my arm and looked at me.

“Leave her to this Clarke. This is your best chance for you and your people. I’m not stupid you know, I'm guessing what is going to happen to me in Polis, but you can’t deny the fact that I deserve it. You can’t keep protecting me; it’s putting a target on your back. I didn’t save your ass so you can be killed by your own people.”

I looked at him sadly, I knew he was right but what he didn’t know was that I couldn’t handle any of this without him now. I needed him.

“No one deserves this

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