The King- Don't You See I Love You

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You were preparing to go to bed after a rather tiring day; you couldn’t wait to get some shut eye. As soon as you got into bed all your energy left your body as a wave of drowsiness took over; it felt so nice to finally be able to relax after a hard days work.

However, your moments rest was short lived as you were suddenly overcome by a bright light and the next thing you knew you were no longer in your room.

“Wh-Where am I?” Your eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness of the room and you soon realized you weren't just in any old place but in fact were in the throne room in the heavens.

You gasped upon realizing and your head snapped to the direction of the throne. Sitting upon it was the King in all his heavenly glory, looking exquisite as always.

You quickly scrambled to your feet and did your best to make yourself look presentable but no matter what you did you couldn’t change the fact you were in your Pj's.

The King watched you with an amused smile. Though you couldn’t fathom what made him summon you here, and in such a fashion, so late at night.

“Y-Your Highness,” You stuttered as you faced the King, you were nothing but an awkward mess. “Is something wrong? Am I in danger again?” You couldn’t think of any other reason he would have for suddenly calling you. Then you noticed no one else was present; it was just you and the King, it only made you more nervous.

“Don't look so scared.” The King finally spoke, “You are in no danger.” He kindly smiled.

Well that was a relief you thought. But still didn’t answer why you were standing in the throne room in just your pj's.

“The reason I summoned you here was because I wanted to see you.” His words caused your body to flinch and you froze from shock.

“See me? But why?” You cocked your head, curious. The King chuckled, “You are so innocent it's sweet.”

“Huh?” The King wasn't making any sense.

The longer you remained in his presence the more you felt your heart grow out of control. He was so unbelievably gorgeous that if you weren't looking at him with your own eyes you wouldn't believe he were real.

“I have always wondered what the gods saw in you. They all fawned over you and fought for your attention. I found it strange they would act so unbecoming over a human.” The King said, smiling amusedly as he spoke, “So I decided to observe you for myself,” His voice dropped a few decibels and sounded infinitely sweeter, “In doing so I saw for myself what made them lose themselves when It came to you.”

“What?” Your heart was now beating out of control. The way the King was looking at you was too much for your poor feeble heart. “But… I-I'm nothing special. Your Highness must know that all the goddesses in the heavens are far more beautiful than I ever could be.” You said, looking distraught and confused.

The King stood from his throne, “Let me show you something.” You watched as he slowly approached you, your heart getting louder at every step.

You closely watched the King awaiting to see what he would do when suddenly he grabbed your hand and in a flash you were no longer in the throne room but an unfamiliar bedroom.

“This is my room.” The King smiled, seeing the dumbfounded look on your face.

The Kings room? You immediately started to inwardly panic. Why would the King bring you here?!

“Your Highness, I am only a human, should you be bringing me to such a place as your room?”

The King looked at you with a dazzling but mature smile, “You are correct. You are just a human. But out of all the humans you are the only one to gain my favor.” As the King said that he waved his hand and a book appeared in midair, “Sit down,” He gestured to his bed.

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