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When school was over I couldn't be bothered to do anything at all. Today may have been stressful but it was also quietfor some strange reason. I meet up with Emi and we walk to our cars
"Hey wanna go grab bubble tea ?" He asks, like I said I couldn't be bothered and I told him this
"But frayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pllllleeeeeaaasssseeeee I'll even buy you one" well he is offering to pay but do I need to put more weight on. Wait what is bubble tea??????
"Fine I'll come but I will pay you it back however what is bubble tea? " he shakes his head
"Nope and you'll see" and he emphasizes the ending
"Fine and what is Fray all about?" He laughs and walks to his car
"Just follow me" I open my car and start the engine. I reverse out when suddenly there is a horn. I stop and look
There in a white land rover is the same girl in the cafeteria smirking at me.
"Watch where your going next time" she shouts and drives off.
I swear that girl has some nerve.
So we end up at this place called MooBoo which serves this drink called bubble tea.
"Which flavour you wanting?" Emi ask I look up at the board and see so many flavours
Coconut peach
Chocolate apple
Mango watermelon
Strawberry winter snow
Passion fruit green tea
Taro winter melon
Melon mint chocolate

Etc and these are either milk tea or fruit tea
"Is it actually tea?" I whisper to Emi, he looks at me and laughs
"You crack me up sometimes"
"What I'm serious!!!!" He studied me for a moment
"Just pick a flavour" eh
"Fine I pick chocolate" he smiles
"Good choice, now what topping?" Topping?
"What you mean?" I ask
"Fine she will have a chocolate one with mango popping balls" he says to the girl serving us
"Regular or large?" He looks at me and I shrug
"A large please and can I get a passion fruit one with strawberry popping balls please" she nods
"Anything else for you?"
"No thanks" he says
"Go pick a straw" he says , I walk over to the bucket full of straws and pick a purple one up while he pays. I figured he would want a blue so I got that one for him.
" excuse me" I turn around and Emi is standing there with his hands on his hip with one knee sticking out
"Did you just get a blue straw for me? Nonono ya see darling I want pink" he says in a high pitch voice
I laugh at him
"I'm serious darling, don't laugh" I couldn't stop laughing, my side's hurt so much
"Here you go" the girl says and handed over our bubble tea
"Thank you my lady" Emi says bowing which even caused the girl to smile
"Thanks" I say to the girl, sending a smile over my shoulder I dragged Emi out of the shop
"Now that was funny" Emi says between the breaths of his laughing. I had to agree on that one it was funny
"I always suspected you were gay" his mouth dropped open with shock
"Did.....did...you...just say that?" He asked stuttering
I nodded
"Run" he says showing signs of anger
"I said RUN" he shouted at me
If that wasn't clear enough I ran like batman
However not even I am far enough to outrun Emi and he caught me making me nearly drop my bubble tea
"Caught you" he says letting me go
"I'm not gay Freya and it hurts that you said that" he whispered in my ear
"It was a joke Emi hahaha" I raise my eyebrows
"Lets go back to my house"
He takes his keys out his pocket
"Ok I'll follow" and I walk to my car which is right next to his.
We drive for like 30 minutes and stop outside this big mansion of a house. Emi pulls in front of the gate and signals me to do the same. He says something into the intercom and the gates open, he drives through and I follow. We go up the road leading to his house and let's just say his garden is massive. He has statues leading up next to the road and a lot of trees and in the middle of the nicest cut grass I have ever seen is a big willow tree with a swing hanging from it. There is a girl about 9 dressed in a white dress with long blonde hair sitting on the swing swaying with the wind going through her hair. Must be Emi's sister but I can't tell much from this distance.
He stops outside his front door and he hands his keys to the footman, I get out and another man comes to me so I hand him my keys too
"Thanks" I say to the guy, he smiles
"Your welcome" and I walk to the stairs to join Emi
"Omg Emi, your house looks beautiful, is that your...." I look at the tree swing again however the little girl is gone
"Is what?" He asks looking puzzles
I shake my head
"Never mind"
"Thanks yeah my house is quite big" he smirks
"Lets go, let's go watch a movie" he says opening his front door
We walk into the living room
"SURPRISE!!!!!" Everyone shouts
I look around an the place is covered in streamers, balloons and glitter an there hanging is a baner saying
"Guys really?" I shout laughing
They are all standing there with smiles on their faces
So that's where they have been all of today not on a history trip. I look at Emi and he has the biggest grin on his face
Jake comes and hugs me
"Happy birthday babe" he gives me a kiss and everyone cheers
"No wonder you were all so silent" I shout and everyone laughs
"Right get he music started" Emi shouts
Jake walks over to the stereo and turns the music up full blast and it is then when I really listen to it that it is
Bartender by lady antebellum and I smile like crazy
"Country music all for you" Emi says with a smile
"EMI!!!" I scream "thank you, thank, you thank" and I hug him. Everyone is up dancing but I notice Zak talking to the the girl I saw in the swing
"Emi is that your little sister?" I point to Zak and the little girl, he looks over
"There is no one there? Just zak Freya are you ok?" He ask putting a hand to my head "you feel fine" I look over and she is there still
"Emi look she is there" I exclaim
He shakes his head "there is no one there"
"There is right there" I protest
"I think you should lie down" he says taking my hand, he leads me upstairs and into his room.
"I'm fine but there is a little girl there" I say lying down on his bed
"A little girl?" He asks looking down on me
"Yeah she was on your tree swing when we drove up here" his eyes widen
"What did she look like freya? " he asks questioning
"She has long blonde hair that sways in the wind, she has pale skin and was wearing a white dress" I tell him looking for any recognition on his face, he turns white and stands up
"I think you should sleep freya" and he walks out and shuts the door. I close my eyes, she was there but how can he not see her
"Hello" a little girls voice sounds next to my ear. I jerk up with shock and there she is right next to me
"You gave me a fright there hello" she laughs
"Freya I know your not crazy" she says smiling at me
"Oh and happy birthday " she now has flowers in her hands and she passes me them
"Thanks , wait who are you?" I sit up
" I'm Elsa" she says sitting down next to me
"And what are you doing here Elsa" she smiles
"Its my house and I live here with Emi" she looks at her hands
" are you related to Emi?" She nods with a add look on her face
"I'm his sister" she looks at me with tears in her eyes
I take her hand and she squeezes it
"Well was, you see a year ago, there was an accident in the garden, I was on the swing in the garden" she coughs with the tears spilling down her face. I wipe them away
"Its ok" she smiles a weak smile
" I was on the swing, it was my birthday and Emi was pushing me and we were having a great time then I suddenly fly off the swing and hit my head off the ground" she robs
"I heard Emi shout my name and then everything went blank, from what I heard I died right there in Emi's arms and he still blames himself even though it was an accident" she clings into me and I hug and pat her back
"Its ok Elsa it's ok, he still blames himself? " I say softly, she nods
"Every night he pulls out the photos of us and prays that I'm safe and can hear him, he doesn't know I am right there, he can't see me" she cries
"He cares so much for you freya it's unreal" I smile
"Last night he said to me, you know what I'm going to give freya the best party ever and I'll celebrate your birthday too, he was smiling and that's the first time I have seen him smile in a long time and that was because he was thinking about you" she looks at me face
"We have the same birthday? " I ask and she nods "Us three share the same birthday weird huh"
"Happy birthday Elsa" I give her a hug
"I'll try and make your brother happy ok" and we sit there in each other's arms until Emi comes in
We spring apart even though he can't see us
"How are you? He ask sitting down next to me, taking my hand
" I'm ok, everything will be fine and happy birthday you idiot you never told me" he laughs and I send a smile over Emi's shoulder to Elsa who is waving at me while she walks through the door and vanishes.

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