Girly Truths Part 5

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Note: A little violence during this chapter, so be warned or not read.

18th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

I was quick to get back out of the house after having a brief chat with Mrs Beemer about those bust and hips thingy's she had been mentioning over the past few days.

I have to say that I was absolutely appalled at understanding what she was telling me in a matter of fact way and I have to say that I was bloody disgusted when she was telling me about that curse.

"Curse" was another name for what the older generation call their monthly mentruation period.

That and a few other names Mrs Beemer said which had me not only confused, but having fits of giggles as well as I tried to understand how on earth that time of the month got those names.

Needless to say, it was nearly an hour later when I was rushing out of the door and chasing down Jack who I was thankful to see him still there waiting for me.

"Thought you weren't coming." He said to me in a grumpy voice as he stood up again after looking like he had been leaning against this dirty but solid stump.

"Dad was introducing me to his new 'fee on say' and her parents. I asked him what Samantha thought about it, but he only got mad. And then I went and spoke to Mrs Beemer about those things we were talking about and you'll never guess what is happening to me?" I said to him as we raced to our tree house fort.

I know I should act like a lady, but I liked being as I was since I felt a bit free. I mean, I feel like I am not being choked by being something that I wasn't. I imagine that I will one day look and act like a lady should.

But I'm enjoying the freedom to roam about and do all sorts of things that other girls my age aren't allowed to do or choose not to do.

Jack passed me a sandwich he had smuggled out of his house and we sat there eating it along with the bottle of coke he swiped out of his fridge. We talk about all sorts of things.

He was telling me about this girl that was taking an interest in him at school, but he wasn't really interested.

When he told me who the girl was, I nearly pissed myself laughing.

Angela was a spoilt rotten bitch who likes to pick on everyone who she thinks is beneath her and her friends.

I don't know how many times she and I have had a run in but she learnt fairly quickly that you do not sling mud at people without it splashing back on you.

Especially when you are wearing white as she was the last time she started on me. Plus she didn't like that I reefed her by the hair and dragged her to the ground which was wet from the rain the night before.

I was enjoying myself so much with giving her the much needed hiding she deserved that I nearly decked the person who wrapped their arms around my chest and jerked me back off her.

I nearly hit Jack when I noticed that it was him that had pulled me off the screaming screeching sobbing spoilt brat who was being helped up off the ground by one of her friends.

"And the next time you want to sling mud at me or anyone else, just remember that I give as good as I get, you bitch." I yelled back at her really loudly as Jack dragged me away with him scowling at me.

I couldn't help laughing at the image that Angela was showing everyone while holding her dripping hair off her face as the mud dripped down over her face as well as the mud that was splashed all over her once white and pretty dress.

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