Chapter 12

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'What do I say if they ask me?'

'I don't know', Lauren answered over our current FaceTime call, 'just say, we're friends and we figured it'd be easier for you to move in with me, than find your own place to live while you're shooting in Miami'

I was currently in LA getting ready to do an interview about my upcoming new TV show. Word had somehow got out that Lauren and I were moving in together, though I have no idea how.

'I hate lying to everyone', I muttered, 'there's so much pressure, if it was just to my parents or something I'd be fine'

'Speaking of parents, we should tell them don't you think', Lauren suggested.

You see we hadn't actually told any of our parents yet, they knew we were moving in together, but they thought it was just as friends. My parents didn't even know 'the tweet' was about Lauren.

'Yeah, we can tell mine when we're in London', I decided, 'what about yours?'

'My dad and Taylor are coming to visit us while we're in London, but my mom has to work and Chris has collage'

'I guess we'll have to tell them when we get back then', I concluded, 'either that or text them or something'

'Yeah, can you imagine that, 'hey mom, y/n is actually my girlfriend and we're moving in together, ttyl', she'd be really impressed with a text like that', Lauren said sarcastically, 'seriously she'd probably drop everything and get the first flight out here, just so she could shout at me in person. No, I am not texting my mother about this y/n'

'Well then she's just going to have to wait, they all are'

'Oh my god, when they come to London, I'm going to have to lie to dad and Taylor's faces', Lauren suddenly realised

'Unless you tell them, then tell your mum when you see her'

'But I'd feel bad telling them before my mom'

'Okay, just do whatever you want Lauren, it's your family', I say giving up trying to help her, 'going back to my original problem, what do I do if I get asked about us moving in together?'

'Just say we're friends'

'Really good friends, who sleep together on a regular basis'

'Maybe leave that part out', Lauren replied, giggling

'Y/n! We gotta get going!', my manager shouted to me

'Alright', I screamed back, then turned back to my phone, 'I have to go, I'll call you later, okay babe?'

'Yeah, definitely do that!', she nodded frantically, 'I love you!', she said making kissy faces at the screen

'I love you more', I mimicked her actions then hung up and went to start my interview.


'Please welcome, y/f/n!', the host, which I don't think I mentioned is ELLEN, introduced me. That's right, Ellen, you heard me correctly. I am currently doing an interview with Ellen DeGenerous, one of the best human beings on earth. On, in my opinion, the same level as Michelle Obama and Oprah. On a higher level than the queen of England, (because she doesn't actually do anything), and an equal to even Beyoncé, again, in my opinion.

To say that I was nervous was an understatement, and while being sat in my dressing room, I had debated running away and hiding somewhere so no one could find me. But I hadn't, I'd managed to keep my cool, so it's all good. I am now walking out onto the stage, while 'Body Moves' by DNCE played in the background. I danced a little, but not too much, because I know for a fact that I'd end up falling over in these heels. They're not particularly hard to walk in or anything, I'm just not used to wearing heels.

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