Mistakes and memories

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Alison's POV

I walked in a Starbucks somewhat close to my school. It was a fairly descent one, but maybe smaller. It's usually busy in the morning, so I get up earlier so I can actually order some coffee and sit at a table.

I ordered my coffee and waited for my name to be called. When I heard my name being called I got my coffee and looked around for somewhere to sit.

I couldn't seem to find any free tables, so I saw a boy about my age sitting at a table beside a window with his laptop and earbuds in. I decided to go sit with him, I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

I go up to the table and tap him on the shoulder. He takes one earbud out and I ask "Would you mind if I sit here, the other tables are taken." "Yeah, of course." He replied.

I nod and take my seat in front of him. I drink my coffee and look outside the window. When all of a sudden I hear a long and deep toned sigh. I turn my head facing the boy in front of me.

"Um, are you ok? You seem frustrated." I ask. "Oh sorry, I-I" he stops and laughs but very faint. "I just, I made a mistake that I might not be able to fix." He said in a mixed tone.

"Oh, uh do you want to talk about it, I mean if it would help?" I say. He chuckles and says "Wait, before I do, my name is Shawn." "My name is Alison"

He smiles and says "I like that, that's a beautiful name." I couldn't help but to blush hoping he wouldn't see it.

"Anyways, I had a friend and she was pretty close I would say. I have always thought of her as a very close and good friend. Her name was Y/N. We'd always go to places together and we'd just have a good time." I nod listening to him.

"One day after class there was this one girl I really liked, but she had a boyfriend so I had no chance with her. So anyways after class I walked out of period two and opened my locker. This girl comes and places her hand on my chest and just, well kisses me."

The fact that, that happened made me tense, but why? I mean he's attractive and all, but I just met him like 10 minuets ago.

"So Y/N was on her way to my locker to tell me something and she noticed me kissing this other girl. I pushed this girl back and ran after her. I couldn't find her."

"Wait wait wait, sorry to interrupt, but when did this happen?" I ask. "About 7 years ago today." He said. "Oh ok, continue please." I said making a hand gesture.

"After school I tried calling her, but she wouldn't answer. So I went to go see her. I drove up to her house and knocked. Her mom said that Y/N was upstairs so I went upstairs and knocked at her door. Nothing. So I opened the door and"...To be Continued...

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