You wake up with him

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A/N I know my very first one shot was You Wake Up to him so I got another idea so I just changed the name of the one shot to not make people confused (yes it'll be longer)

I fluttered my eyes open as I felt a warm pair of lips on mine. It was Gerald, he pulled his lips away from mine then smiled," Morning babe."

I smiled," Morning handsome." He gets up from the bed and I follow before getting in the shower. I quickly shaved my legs and thighs before getting out and brushing my hair and teeth.

I walked out of the bathroom with a blue colored towel wrapped around me. Gerald was sitting in bed, he looked refreshed but also tired.

I smirked before changing, not in front of him, that would be awkward even though we've had sex before.

I layed in bed and Gerald looked at me. He put a lit cigarette in his mouth inhaling it. He blow out smoke rings before taking it out of his mouth and setting it down on a small tray next to our bed.

I sighed," Baby you've gotta quit smoking, it'll kill you one day." "Its addicting, once you start, you can't stop." "I know but, you have to try...for me?"

G looked at me," I'll try but it'll be hard." "Can we cuddle?" "Yeah of course baby girl." He wrapped his warm arms around my waist as I rested my head on his chest.

I brought my hand up under his shirt and made my hand roam his chest. Gerald kissed my forehead before whispering in my ear," I love you a lot y/n. You're mine, got it? No one else can have ya."

"Ok, as long as youll be mine." "I've always been yours darling and you've always been mine. Just don't leave me ever."

"I won't." "Good." "Can I ask you a question?" "Yeah of course." "What if I told you I was pregnant?" "That'd be great." "Cause...I am." "You are?! I'm gonna be a dad!"

"I was just fucking with you Gerald, I'm not pregnant." I giggled." Rude! You got me all excited!" "Woops."

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