Chaper 10

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Riley wats those cuts on ur arm I got cut by a tree Riley don't lie to me there is no Damm way those cuts came from a tree now what's the real truth I got cut in the arm by my brother Riley ur lieing now tell the real truth fine I cut myself why would u do that I told u not to try to cut your self or have a knife in your hand u wanna know the real truth yess fine I heard what u said to Smackle and I got sad and start crying and I felt like u used me so I cut my self and thats why I were a jacket all the time why would u think I used u I gotta go see u tomorrow at school no ur not gonna go ur staying here intile we talk about what u just said fine lets just forget about it wanna watch a movie yea sure he put on a movie that was inappropriate for there age but she didn't mind at all while they wad just watching the movie all he did was just stare at her body and said danmm what do i do to get her full body and get to go on top of her body and touch her body  hey what do we do next then we gonna try again Farkle I can't do it

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