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Of course he forgot movie night. Of course he forgot that it wasn't actually starting at night. Until it was almost an hour past the scheduled meeting time with mc and the rest of the rfa. And, of course, he had stayed up all night playing LOLOL.

You see, Yoosung Kim isn't the most organized person - constantly playing the rpg game, rarely cleaning, and getting only a few hours of sleep a night. The good thing, though, was that, being a weekend, he didn't have to go to school the next day and could sleep in at Saeyoung's the next day.

Although as close as the two were, he felt awkward staying overnight. This time would most likely be less awkward considering everybody was staying.


Yoosung heard his phone from where
he sat - in front of the computer - and gave a few quick glances over to the side table. After noticing who called, his face went pale. He almost died in the middle of a battle. Rushing, he defeated the opposing player, apologized to his online friends, and logged off. Then called mc, trying to think of a believable excuse for why he wasn't at the nearby outlet mall already. The meeting place that he chose.

"I'm sorry, I was-" "Gaming?" she chuckled, causing Yoosung to awkwardly grin to himself. "I figured that's what it was. Just hurry - otherwise we're leaving the food court." "Ha ha, very funny." A sigh escaped his lips. "You've been hanging out with Saeyoung too much. He's corrupting you." "Would you rather me let him corrupt you?" mc snickered. "What..? Nevermind - I'll be there in a bit. You better not leave that area." "No promises." Beep.

By the time he got there, no sign of the rfa. Great. There were too many people in the food court. He could barely walk around without someone almost running over him. He eventually noticed the fiery red mess that was Saeyoung's hair. "Took long enough!" almost everyone said in unison as he approached the table, but they were all smiling - with the exception of Jumin and Jaehee.

     They talked about their lives since the last time they all gathered, - the  party a few weeks before - Jaehee sighing and Zen sneering every time Jumin would mention his cat. "Listen up, trust fund, nobody asked about your pu-" "Zen." Mc shut him up with a glare. Saeyoung shot a sly grin at Yoosung, who was so innocent that he had no idea what the joke was. "But, mc, what's so bad about pussy?" the hacker grinned even wider as the two women shot exasperated looks in each other's direction before both looking at Yoosung. "Immature jokes aside," Jaehee coughed, "when are we gonna start watching the movies?" Jumin gave an out of character snort. "I'd rather not watch all of Zen's musicals on dvd tonight, Assistant Kang." Saeyoung chuckled. "Well, might has well head back to my place now. Yoosung?" "Hm?" "I assume you walked, since your house is practically across the street. Do you wanna ride with me?" Everybody looked in his direction causing his face to tint red as they awaited for his answer, which was vigorous nodding. Saeyoung's cars were extremely nice, and he rarely let anyone ride with him. This was the first time Yoosung had permission, so of course he'd accept.

He looked over to where his friend sat in the driver's seat. He's a surprisingly good driver, he noted, one side of his mouth lifting into a smile. At the next red light, Saeyoung handed the aux cord to Yoosung, who just raised an eyebrow. "Oh, just testing to see if we still have the same music taste is all," he smiled, and Yoosung thought back to the first time they had met at one of the rfa parties. They ended up blasting songs all night that nobody knew except them.

"hELL OR GLORY, I DON'T WANT ANYTHING IN-BETWEEN!" Together, they yelled the lyrics of She's My Winona, totally off key, but at least they were having fun. As the song faded out, the two were grinning like idiots. "So we do, then," he chuckled as I Don't Care started.

By the time they got to his house, they practically had sore throats from yelling along to Fall Out Boy. "Worth it," Yoosung mumbled. "Agreed."

They parked the car in the garage and went inside, after grouping up with the others. "I could hear you two yelling, were you okay...?" Jaehee asked, followed by mc giving a fake gasp toward Saeyoung. "Naughty," she smirked, making him choke on Dr Pepper. "Stop," he laughed, jokingly poking her forehead. Yoosung awkwardly stood next to him, not really focused on the conversation, and more on the fact that, when Saeyoung choked on the soda, it got all over his arm, staining his favorite blue hoodie. "Fantastic," he sighed. "Well, at least you have an excuse to wash it now," Zen grinned.

     "Rare seeing you without a hoodie." "I'm looking for my extra." "You brought an extra?" "Of course - I'm not some freak." "Bringing two hoodies is exactly what makes you a freak." Saeyoung, who was watching Yoosung rummage through his bag from the doorway, rolled his eyes and laughed, taking off his jacket. "If you're cold, even though it's not that cold in here, you could wear my jacket." He paused, looking over to the door. "...Are you sure? You never usually let me touch it." "While I'm wearing it at least," he met the gaze. "People would be weirded out if they saw someone stroking someone else's arm - or whatever part of my jacket you'd be touching." "Stroking?" "Yes." Yoosung sighed. "Whatever - I can't find my hoodie anyway," he mumbled, nervously taking the jacket from his friend's hand. "Honestly, I doubt you'll need it - your face looks like it's warm enough," he laughed, walking back out into the living room. Curious as to what he meant, he glanced over to the mirror. His face was tinted a dark shade of red. He awkwardly looked down toward the floor, shaking as he put on the jacket, almost too embarrassed to go out into the room.

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