Chapter 1 / Mad Rush

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Chapter 1 / Mad Rush

Kara and her sister Alex are both laughing at their cozy pad above the balcony of their new apartment .

They figured since they always see each other why not just roomate together !

The weather was nice , chilly crisp winds of change for the fall season .

Alex was bored to be frank since her boss John was away on a private mission with Superman !

The new boss was a real piece of work , but she knows how to handle the job !

Alex checks into the headquarters ,

" Code 22 checking in , status please ? "

The walkie talkie replies ..

" Stand Down Code 22 until instructions are sent through the wire ! "

Kara and Alex are surprised then decide to grab some lunch downtown ..

While they quickly pick out something to wear Kara chooses a beautiful shirt with a wallflower on the front and denim jeans with her grey hoodie to stay warm just in case the weather remains chilly outside .

Alex is more for the upgraded hair down and blue sweatshirt that covers up her white cotton tee and some cozy black leather boots for some casual fun .

The sister's are indulging moments later to some walcrest chef salad , sweet tea and croutons .

Alex smiles then her eyes widen seeing a red pick up truck loosing control behind the wheel heading directly

towards a bus filled with high school students driving off to the big football game of the season !

Alex panicks , screaming ..

" O-M-G ! "

She turns around to see her siblings already flying to the rescue ..

She pushes the truck aside from the bus as students scream from shere fear that quickly leads to loud cheers and clapping .

" Go SuperGirl Go ! "

says one young student.

The kid besides her rolls her eyes ,

" I prefer Pink Power Ranger over SuperGirl any day ! " she muses .

The students start defending their favorite superhero as SuperGirl is shocked to discover the driver is a woman with eyes that are flickering like fireworks slowly dying out. .

The woman seemingly awakens from her dellisional frame of mind. .

" Oh my goodness , what happened ?!

Why am I here ?! " she demands regaining her semblance of sanity she has left .

SuperGirl tries to calm the distraught citizen down enough to survey the car itself where a card is left on the bottom of the car rug beneath their feets..

She notices the logo's a devlish looking face of a clown ..

Cast :

Woman Driving Red Truck

Selma Blair

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