Chapter Three

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(Normal POV)

I watched in fear as the four new wolves tore apart the rogues that were going to kill me. The biggest one, way more than twice my size, with the shiny black fur and alluring brown eyes that sparkled, was the one that saved me personally.

He killed the red wolf who was choking me, then killed the grey wolf who was the leader that was trying to drag me off. Kidnap me. Well, wolf-nap me.

I whimper as I watch the other two wolves fight some of the good wolves. My eyes flick towards the black wolf. He looks strong and brave, like my Daddy was when it came to me, my brother Jack and my Mummy.

The black wolf looks ready to spring back into action, but I want to run and hide. So I crawl across the ground and under him, cowering between his front legs with a frightened whimper. What if the two rogues are bad and strong and get past all the wolves, even the black one?

The black wolf growls protectively, crouching down above me so that he forms a barrier around my body. No part of my small frame can be seen through him, just my head pops out below his.

With wide eyes I watch the three good wolves fight the two remaining rogues.

When they kill him, I relax a little. They can't hurt me if they aren't breathing.

As one of the good wolves with dark brown fur steps forwards towards me, I whimper in fear. His gaze sweeps down towards my head, his eyes filled with a strange emotion.

I watch as he takes another step towards me, starting to feel threatened. I wiggle out from under the black wolf, surprising him.

Spinning on my heels, I turn away from the wolves and sprint away, whining in fear all over again. Are these new wolves going to eat me or kill me like the other ones were? Did they just save me so they could finish the job?

I hear paws racing after me, and instantly get a shot of energy. I race forwards, my only thoughts about getting away from the black wolf following me, until...

I smell a bunny!

Skidding to a full stop, I trod quietly up to a bush. Sticking my head through it, I take in a deep breath. I smell the very distinctive scent of a rabbit.

Pulling my head out of the bush, I creep around the side of the bush ninja style, like Jack once taught me to. I think he does it better than I do, though I'd never tell him that.

I am aware of someone watching me, the black wolf, but I ignore it. I go into hunting mode. I never did get to eat anything before I ran into the rogues path.

My eyes narrow in on the furry ball of fluff. Even though it is still night time, I can see perfectly fine. I sniff the air again, pin pointing the rabbit's position.

I crouch down, my butt higher in the air than my head. My back end wiggles with my tail down, like a cat would before pouncing.

I hear the black wolf chuckle behind me.

The noise he make's startles the rabbit. It bolts off into the undergrowth.

I spring into action. Jumping over the bush I was hiding behind with an excited yip, I streak after it. My small size helps me to slip under the smaller plants that I would have to jump over if I was bigger. I follow its scent right on the dot, picking up speed.

It makes sharp turns, but I pounce on it, slapping my two front paws over it to pin it to the floor in another small clearing with trees surrounding me. My butt sticks in the air as I pin the rabbit down with both my front paws, my tail wagging furiously.

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