First day!

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Basically it's your first day on set after being picked to be Henry's new girl interest and getting the script to run over it. You noticed a lot of kissing Jared's cheek and holding hands later on. Being new to the whole kissing on camera since you are Jared's age you were nervous since the first scene you were shooting was a scene where he accidentally falls on you and you accidentally kiss. (That's in the script... just saying if you were confused!)

Your pov

I slowly drive up the intimidating building. I was nervous. Getting the job was less nerve wracking than this! I slowly park and get out. That's when I search around for someone to tell me what's going on. I have my mom on speed dial just in case I have a mental break down. Or you know the not so mild panic attack.

"There you are, so, how are you?" The producer asks as he guides me around after he finds me.

"I'm good, jus a little nervous." I say wringing my hands as we arrive at a trailer.

"This is where you'll spend free time. And for your comfort, the first few days of hair and makeup will be in here. Have them call me when you're done so I can take you to costume." He says with a smile leaving me to get my hair and makeup done. Soon enough I'm moved to costume and I'm getting the finishing touches. I'm in a school outfit because I come from the land of untold stories and I go to the school. Meaning I get to bump into Jared and kiss him. Yay. So much sarcasm. I mean, it's not that I'm not a fan of him. I am! It's just, my first kiss on camera with someone. Plus I'm supposed to make it look like an accident. Ugh!

"You're the new girl!" Ginnifer Goodwin says as she walks in to get something fixed. I smile and nod.

"Yeah, hello. I'm, Y/n. I guess my character gets to kiss your character's grandson."

"Yes, I'm so excited to see how the scene goes! I'm sure you'll do great. You're so pretty." Ginnifer says with a kind smile. I smile back and we walk to set. My mouth hands open as it's an actual hall, it's a fake hall, but it feels so real.

"This is where the magic happens. Literally." Jared says from right beside me. Olivia grabs my hand and smiles.

"You'll do great. Just know that what my character says isn't what I want to say." She says with a smile. I nod and the camera people tell us to get in our spots after we do a few runs without the camera and kiss. So nervous!

"Okay, places! With the kiss and cameras! Rolling, and action!" The man shots. I hold my "books" close as I walk through the "hall". Jared walks out of the door and we collide. My "books" fly and we fall to the ground, well, a mat. Our heads bump, but our lips lock. Olivia races over and pulls me away. Acting. She's great. She glares at me as she helps Jared up.

"How dare you! Do you know who he is? Do you know who you are?" Violet, Olivia, asks and I shake away as I grab my books like rehearsal.

"I don't know who I am. I lost my memory in the land of untold stories. I'm... I'm sorry." I say before scurrying off.

"And... cut! Wonderful! Beautiful. That was amazing! Come watch." The men say after Olivia and Jared have lines together. We go to the camera and I see the video.

"Was that your first kiss on camera?" Jared asks causing me to nod.

"Yes, I hope it wasn't too bad." I say with a giggle as they discuss what to film next.

"It wasn't as awkward as mine. Olivia and I had the most awkward time filming it." Jared says as we're on break.

"You two are amazing. Hopefully the fans like me." I say softly as everyone is getting ready for a different scene.

"Why wouldn't they like you?" Olivia asks before nodding when I look at her.

"What? What am I missing?" Jared asks causing Olivia and I to laugh.

"Oh, Jared. You're so oblivious sometimes." I say and pull up tumblr. "Your fangirls are crazy. Trust me, I know them."

"Oh, that's why. Okay. Well, this will be fun." Jared says and I laugh a little as I grab a water bottle and my phone. I slowly sip the water as I watch everyone talk to everyone. I slowly slink into the shadows and check my phone.

'Hi, honey! I know you're filming, but I wish you so much luck on your first day!' A text from my mom. I smile and tell her I'm fine before messing with my hair. God, why must I be so awkward? The break is over and this is the scene where I have to cry. Great!

"Now, if you can't cry on demand just tell us and we'll get some eye drops for you." The producer says and I nod. It's not like I haven't spent my who life fake crying for my mother. I get in position in the shade on a stump. I look around and the camera man gives me a thumbs up to start crying. So I do. They said not to make super sobs, but at least make it seem real. So I'm hiccuping and snot is running out of my nose as if I was really crying. I hide my face in my hands and continue. I look up when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Jared, well, Henry. We're still acting.

"Hey, I'm sorry about Violet. I'm also sorry if I hurt you when I fell on you. Violet is my girlfriend and she didn't know what went on until I explained. So she should apologize." 'Henry' says I smile and nod. He helps me off the stump before they call cut. I take the tissue from the make up artist and wipe my nose as they fix a little bit of my makeup.

"Woah! They said you were an actress, but that was amazing. You made it so realistic." Jared says with a smile. I giggle and shake my head.

"Nah, I've been doing this since I was little. I would fake cry for my mom until she gave me something." I say and he laughs a little.

"Go rest up and get lunch. Meet back here at one. No later. Please change out of costume before as well." The people say and I nod. We walk towards the trailers with Olivia and I get changed before meeting up with them.

"Taylor should show up soon. Then we can have lunch with the cast and talk about filming." Jared says as he checks his phone. I nod as we walk towards the building. Taylor runs over and we all walk in talking about different things.

"There they are! Okay, so, how was filming?" Lana asks Jared as I silently grab a plate and sit down to start eating.

"It was great. Y/n is amazing. Her fake cry is amazing. I thought she was actually crying." Jared says having Olivia nod as she backs up his statement. I blush a little as I continue to eat.

"I'm not that good." I mumble under my breath as I sip my water.

"She's also really cool. Great at listening and is really fun to talk to."

"Sounds like she's a nice addition to the Once family." Jennifer says as she pats my back I little. I smile at her as I sip my (drink of choice).

"See, first day isn't that scary." Jared says and I smile.

"Thank you. For welcoming me to the show. It feels so warm to know everyone is accepting of me. I was so nervous this morning." I say to everyone as I eat my food.

"Of course. If we don't work together it shows in the final product. But, I'm excited to see your scenes. Jared says they're amazing." Josh says and the director walks over with a video.

"Well, Olivia begged me to show you all the crying scene with Y/n. So, here." He says and presses play. I watch and bite my lip. I could've done that better.

"That was amazing! You look like you're actually crying. As if someone had died or something." Jen says and I smile.

"Thank you." I say and play with my hair. I guess my first day is a success.

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