#16- family

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"Hey." said Max quietly. "We missed you."

"I can't believe this! What are you doing here?" asked John.

"Dad thinks I'm gay." said Max.

"Well are you?"

"No. But I'm transgender. Dad saw me trying on one of Mary's dresses and gave me this." he pointed to the cut on his face.

"I'm actually the gay one." said Henry. "Well not gay, but I do like boys."

"Dad just screamed and told us to get whatever stuff we wanted because we weren't coming back." Mary added.

"Oh god." said Alex. "I'm so sorry."

"Alex, I know you might not like it but they have to stay." said John.

"Not like it?" asked Alex. "There was no doubt in my mind that they're going to stay here. They have to."

John grabbed Alex's hand.

Alex let go and walked into his bedroom, moving a few of his things into John's room.

"There's only one bed in here right now, but two of you could share and I'll share with John and someone can stay on the couch?" Alex said, turning to the kids.

"I'll take the couch." offered Mary.

******the next morning******

Mary looked cute when she was sleeping. She was only 15 but she looked so old. Yet during the night she was young, innocent.

"So you guys are obviously staying with us." said John. "I never want you to go back there."

"Trust me, we don't want to." said Max.

"So I guess we'll have to buy two more beds." Alex said.

"Well that's obviously step one. And we'll have to get you guys some new clothes, get you enrolled in school, stuff like that." John ran his hands through his hair. "Henry, you can borrow clothes from me."

"Or maybe Alex, he's probably more my size." Henry added.

"Mary, Max, I don't know what you guys like to wear but I'll call some friends?" Alex asked.

"Sure." said Max.

Get your bitch ass over here. And bring all your old clothes. And nail polish, makeup, hair ribbons, whatever. At once! Immediately!
John texted Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.

Less than 20 minutes later they came through the door.

Eliza was hauling a huge trash bag and Angelica had a bag of makeup in her hand.

Peggy grinned. "So why are we here?"

"I would like you to meet my brother Henry, and my two sisters, Max and Mary." said John.

"Pleasure!" grinned Eliza.

"So who's the makeup for?" Angelica said.

"That would be me." piped Max.

The sisters grinned at her.

When they were done, Max was unrecognizable. They had done her makeup flawlessly, and tied a bandana around her short hair. She was wearing one of Eliza's old dresses, blue and covered with polka dots. Max twirled in the mirror.

"How do you feel?" Peggy asked.

"Happy." she said. "Finally."

A/N: an update!

Sorry it took so long guys, a lot of stuff has been happening in my life so I haven't had a lot of time.

In other news, I have a boyfriend now??? Don't ask me how that happened, I've no idea.

Stay gold, lovelies.
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