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"Every new friend is a new adventure ... the start of more memories. -Patrick Lindsay"

Over the past few days Anthony and Marcus have been getting along pretty well. The same goes with Alexia and Daisy, those girls have been inseparable. Marcus is a very likeable person: his charming, silly, outgoing, incredibly sassy and very handsome. Oh and lets not forget about Daisy: she's a fantastic girl, always cheerful, cracks funny jokes here and there, and she's very very beautiful.

It truly has been an amazing week here at the lake for everyone. They were all fortunate enough to have meet two fantastic people like Marcus and Daisy. They're like two annoying but caring little siblings, always there to help guide you or make you laugh. Daisy and Marcus, as Hunter and Anthony, have been best friends since a really young age.

The best thing about summer is the days are always sunny and cool to go out on adventures. They were always outside either swimming or just exploring. Summer is all about being outside, getting a tan, etc. The guys wanted to do something fun at the lake to get to know Marcus a bit more.

So yesterday morning Ryan went to the nearest stores from around here and asked what was the most popular thing people did while being at the lake. The lady who worked there had given him a map of the lake and a list of the different stuff to do. One of them being canoeing and that's what they had decided on doing today. The girls weren't in the mood to get wet with them and decided to stay back at the house.

Since Hunter hadn't really planned out the lake vacation on time, they didn't bring any comfortable clothes for canoeing. Marcus googled some stores close by to go buy clothes but it was a mile away. They were currently in Hunter's truck right now driving to the store which was now 30 minutes away. Marcus and Anthony were in the back seats while Ryan was in the passengers seat and Hunter was driving.

All they needed to buy from the store were some base layers to cover themselves from the burning sun. Marcus and Anthony had already packed two backpacks: one contained sunblock, sunglasses, insect repellent and lost of water bottles. The other backpack had some extra clothes, jackets and snacks such as ham sandwiches, fruit, and crackers in case they got hungry.

"Are we almost there? I gotta pee badly right now." Marcus whined as he started to squirm and hold his crotch in the seat next Anthony.

"Yeah um we're actually five minutes away." Ryan replied looking at his phone.

Marcus kept on squirming the whole five minutes in the car. Anthony tried to distract him from thinking about having to pee. But it was impossible with him whimpering in his seat ever five seconds. Hunter saw how uncomfortable Marcus looked and speed up a little bit. The car was barely in park when Marcus flow out the car door and straight inside one of the stores.

"Poor boy couldn't hold it in for a few more seconds." Ryan chuckled.

"Oh shut it ba-Ryan, remember last year during spring break when we went camping. You had to take a piss but you were to scared to pee outdoors." Hunter commented with a smirk.

Anthony couldn't contain his laughter when the memory of that day flowed in his head. It was hilarious. Ryan was scared to pee because he thought an insect or a wild animal might come and snatch his penis.

"You gotta admit that was hilarious Ryan. But let's go in and buy the base layers or we won't have time to enjoy the sun." Anthony reminded them.

They laughed at the memory once more before finally getting out of the car. There was a bunch of small shops around and one big as grocery store. After looking around the small shops to see which one had base layers. They saw Marcus getting out from a small thrift shop looking relief.

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