Right On Miss Cabello: Part One

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Prompt: Dinah Jane Hansen has always been taught to respect her elders. Camila Cabello is the new attractive Sex Ed teacher. Let's just say... curiosity WILL eat the cat ;)

         “With all due respect Miss Voles, why do I have to take this stupid class? My parents already gave me the sex talk." A frustrated Dinah Jane asked her guidance counselor. It was Friday, and all she wanted to do was go through the motions of the day until it was three o'clock. Was that REALLY asking too much?

          “Dinah sweetheart, I don't like this any more than you, but you're missing this credit. And if you wanna graduate, well, you're at the top of your class. You know what you need to do."

          “Fine. I'll see you around I guess." The blonde placed a fake smile on her face as the friendly old guidance counselor waved her goodbye and made a hasty departure from the beige colored office. 

          It was her senior year, and now she would be stuck in a class with obnoxious JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES ~ not to mention the teacher was an old hag who just experienced a nasty separation. Could life at Polk County High get any better?

          “And as the ~ oh, I see we have a transfer student. Miss... Hansen. A year twelve huh? Go ahead and take a seat in the back, I'll be with you in a moment. By the way, I'm the new Sexual Education teacher Miss Cabello."

          “Hello Miss Cabello." The starry eyed Polynesian thought as she somewhat clumsily made her way towards the back of the classroom. What happened to Mrs. Guntur?

          “Where was I? Oh yes! And as the uterus continues to contract during child birth, POSITIVE FEEDBACK takes place because the pain increases instead of decreasing. Alright, we've covered that, so I'm going to play a quick video on the feedback mechanisms. And please for YOUR sake, pay attention."

          Dinah watched with eager eyes EVERYTHING Miss Cabello did. When she bent over to press play on the Dell laptop in front of her, when she crossed those smooth legs together as she sat on her desk, the smile on her face when she walks towards...

          “Oh shit! She's coming towards ME!"

          “Don't worry about this video. I'm pretty sure the year twelves have already learned about the feedback mechanisms right?" Her voice was so feminine, but it held such a sensual tone all without trying.

          “I-uh yeah, YES. We learned about this last year." The mesmerizing woman in front of her gave her a small nod of understanding and crossed her legs as she watched the film playing for the class. She let her eyes roam around the class occasionally, just to make sure no one was asleep of texting. Her eyes landed on Dinah's, who blushed and quickly a getting her eyes to the front of the room.

          “I wonder how old she is..." The Cuban thought, letting her eyes roam over the blonde's side frame. She wore a white black rimmed T-shirt with a green patch of writing on the left breast pocket. Over the shirt was a stylish black bomber jacket and on her VERY tanned and long legs sat a pair of denim short shorts. She had some retro white and black Adidas on her feet, and an around the body black purse on her shoulder. She was DAMN fine for a high school student. Camila's had to give the girl that.

 Camila's had to give the girl that

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