Me,myself and a school full of teenage boys

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How would you deal with being the only girl amongst a school full of hormonal teenage boys ?

What would you do if you was forced to share a room with a complete bastard who messed with your head ?

Find a way to survive of course.

Meet Macey-Lee Roberts shes 16 years old and is constantly getting herself into trouble. So when she is kicked out of school once again her mum decides thats the last straw and sends her off to boarding school. Except she forgot to mention one thing, She would be the only girl here. Macey has to deal with alot of problems one of them being her room mate Callum who just loves to mess with Macey's head and make her life hell. Macey has to survive the school year without getting kicked out of school and deal with Callum.

 How hard can it be ?

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