horrortale sans x scared reader

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Living in this piticular alternative universe was hard. Trying to dodge every monsters attempt on attacking you was hard, but you somehow healed it off.

Currently the h/c haired girl walked through snowdin trying to figure out Papyrus's puzzles. Previously she had been offered spaghetti from him, she found a long white strand of hair in the middle of eating it. She resisted the urge of throwing up and spluttering it out everywhere, but she somehow managed not to then politely said she had enough.

Her darting e/c orbs looked around to the town in front of her, not so far away, she wasn't looking where she was going and ended up walking into a bear trap. She screamed in agony when it snapped up against her foot. She whimpers and kneeled down slowly, not wanting to hurt herself any further, and unleashed the trap. The wound she had on her foot was deep, blood spilling out of her foot. She stood up properly and saw a stand up ahead. The wounded girl limped over to the stand and leaned up against it for comfort "What happened to you this time?" a dark chilling voice said. She couldn't speak, she was in too much pain. The skeleton smirked and looked down at where she was hissing at "Oh I see... You got yourself in a beary bad situation" she tried forcing a smile but couldn't, the pain was unreal.

The punny skeleton noticed and sighed "You needa be watching where ya going kid" she nods and sweats. Despite all the cold she was sweating, she was terrified, Sans had her in a vulnerable situation, he could kill her any minute now and she couldn't run away.

Y/n ended up not being able to balance properly and slide down the side of the stand. Sans watched her. "Hey. Wanna hot dog?" he asks holding up one, she didn't say anything but curled up, anxiety smacked her.

The humans breathing sped up as she shook uncontrollably. Sans peered at her, his eyesockets darted back and forth. He wanted to help her, so that's what he did.

The skeleton jumped out of his stand and lifted the girl up bridal style. She took it as a threat and tried wriggling away "Hey hey, stop moving, I'm gonna heal ya" he said trying to sooth her. It worked a tiny bit, enough to make her stop moving. She hid in her jumped and curled up in Sans's arms. He teleported her and himself to his house, not wanting any monsters to take advantage of the injured girl.

The smaller yet older skeleton layed y/n out on the sofa, as gently as possible and got her some bandages, pain killers and a drink of water.

Sans's pov

I carefully bandaged up the wounded girl, that cut was quite deep, using some magic on her she healed up a little.

Once I finished that I lifted the pain killers and water "Here, take these, they'll help ease the pain" "A-are they....going to kill me?" the petrified girl asked. I shook my head "No, like I said they'll ease the pain, take 'em" I passed them out to her, she took them, I felt so bad for her. She was shaking like mad while sweating a lot. I got her a cloth and dabbed away the sweat. She popped the pills into her mouth and washed them down with her water. "What's your name?" I asked, after all i was pretty curious.

"Y-y/n" she stuttered. I smiled at her, trying to reassure her. She cracked a smile and drank the rest of the water.

"O-oh I'm sorry...you should sit d-down" she moved over. Gee, Y/Ns adorable- I mean uh sweet. I sit beside her. "Thanks kid"
"You never t-told me your name" she said "I didn't? Whoops my bad, sorry I'm Sans" she smiles warmly. All I can do is grin back. I hope it wasn't too creepy..

"Thank you for healing me" she said. "Heh, it's no problem kiddo" I ruffle her hair, it's really smooth and soft. I want to continue but I can't as I would look weird just petting her. Suddenly a rumble is heard, it comes from the human. I look at her with a shocked face. She blushes and looks away "T-that was my stomach..." she admits quietly. I nod "Hey are you hungry?" I ask. She looks at me and nods "Wanna go to grillbys?" "Where's that?" she asks curiously, tilting her head. Damn that's adorable.

"One of my favourite places. "

Pov switch.

Third pov

Sans and Y/n got to know each other and Sans learned more things about humans, and Y/n learned more about monsters.

On the walk back to the house Sans helped her walk, as her leg was still wounded and in pain.

Once the two got back to the house Sans helped her sit down on the sofa, he sat in beside her. She was sleepy and yawned. Sans looks over at her 'that was adorable' he thought and blushed and what he thought to himself. "You tired?" he asked. She nods "Alright, get some rest, I'm sure you're really sleepy" y/n yawned again and rested on the arm rest. Sans got her a blanket and threw it over her. She immediately cuddled into it and fell asleep. Sans watched her chest rise and fall in a pattern.

It was so quiet that Sans could hear her heart beating. Well...her soul as it was exposed. Your soul comes out when you're content. Sans watched her sleeping face then drifted off to sleep himself.

In the morning.

Papyrus had come home and got another blanket for Sans and left to work. Y/n woke up sooner and realised that her nose was blocked and her throat felt raspy.

She sneezed and woke up sans, "Heh, morning. Sleep well?"
"I did" she said with a smile, then sneezed again. Sans jumped at the noise which made her giggle. "W-what was that?" he asked, scared and holding his chest. She giggled at him "That was a sneeze"
"Oh....it was a very cute noise". Sans only just realised what he said. The two on the sofa blushed and looked away from each other. "Do you…want to watch a movie?" he asks trying not to make things awkward. She looks at him and nods. Sans says okay and gets the remote, turns on a movie and starts watching it. Y/n watched it curiously, not knowing what it was about. Sans thought it was adorable how curious she looked at the TV and watched the movie. He stole a few glances at her from time to time. Not noticing her moving closer. Until she was lying on his shoulder. "I was cold" she explained. Sans chuckled and wrapped and arm around her, pulling her somehow closer.

Sans could tell his life would change around her.

And he was right.

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