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Happy Halloween everyone!

Jack P.O.V

Jack wouldn't consider himself a proud man.

He'd never seen himself as a person of arrogance, or more accurately he'd never had a reason to. He hadn't grown up with mountains of money and two parents who could supply him with everything he desired and so he'd never worried about having anything particularly expensive or beautiful in his possession. It had never been very high on his priority

Ellen Fischbach obviously never exactly had any problems when it came to money.

Or that's what Jack assumed, judging by the undisguised look of pure distain on her face as her eyes scanned over Megan's cramped and admittedly rather dirty home. The rest of the Fischbach family filtered in behind Ellen, Mark's sister and father having become incredibly interested in the blanched wooden planks that decked the floor, their eyes purposefully avoiding the green haired teen's. Mark, however, was watching him carefully, trying to gauge his reaction through his expression but from the apprehension on his features he wasn't having much luck. Either that or Jack was looking positively murderous.

Jack turned his attention back to Mark's mother who was slowly lowering herself onto the edge of the ripped sofa, a look of pure disgust on her face at the fact her actual skin had to make contact with such an unclean surface. Suddenly her gaze met with Jack's, a stony look on his face as he raised an eyebrow. "Is there a problem?" He asked, his voice cold and full of mockery. "I'm so sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting to be in the presence of fucking royalty."

Jack couldn't help but allow a little smirk to tug at the edge of his mouth at the way Ellen Fischbach's eyes bulged, obviously not appreciating the sarcastic undertone in every word.

Still, the woman straightened her back at the nickname, pursing her lips into a thin line. "No, no problem. I'm just admiring your...lovely home." She said, a tight smile slowly forming on her face, mirroring Jack's own air of mockery but with her own injection of hatred. Jack could practically feel the heat radiating from the aggression bubbling beneath her skin.

He couldn't help but snort at her words. "Of course you are, a pompous bitch like you would enjoy doing that sort of thing, right?" Casually Jack turned to the rest of the Fischbach family, pointedly ignoring the way Mark's mother's eyes were practically busting out of her head, her face flushing a bright angry red. He held back a laugh as he took in their shocked expressions eyes wide and watching the exchange like spectators at a tennis match.

Jack kept his body language as casual and carefree as he could, spinning on his heel and walking towards the kitchen, shooting the Fischbach's a playful grin. "Sit down, the sofa won't bite you. Would anyone like a drink?"

There was silence for a moment before Ellen spoke up. "I'll have coffee. Black. No sugar."

Jack smiled, unable to help himself as he gave her a mocking bow. "Of course madam, coming right up. Mark, you're coming too."

Mark blinked and looked up in surprised at the sound of his name. "I am?"

Jack grabbed the other boy by the arm and tugged him towards the door. "Yes, you are." He said firmly as he shoved Mark through the door, not forgetting to send a little wave towards Ellen who was glaring at him with a surprising amount of loathing. "Won't be long!" He sang as he man handled Mark into the kitchen.


The kitchen was rather run down, Jack would be the first to admit that; the paint was peeling and the cooker was giving off strong smells of neglect and oil which tended to fill the entire room. The kettle was one of the few things in the room that was fully functioning and regularly in use and as Jack set about filling the stupid thing up again, Mark did nothing but stare at his hands as they worked. Jack was thankful to see the seat that Megan had been curled up in before was now empty; she'd probably made a run for it when she heard the voices coming from the living room.

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