Chapter 16: Super, super, super senior

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Hey guys so heres chapter 16...obviously lol, sorry it took a little longer to get up but my mom had me go to know the chant and if you dont then here ya go...'Walmart, walmart it's our store! We go there when we are poor!' lol ;P

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“Mom’s right…if he was younger or I was older…I’d so jump on that train!” My sister giggled from the doorway making my face even more red. I grabbed on of my throw pillows and literally threw it at her.



“Shut up!” I whined making them both laugh. I sighed and threw myself back to laying back down on the bed. We’re going to be okay.



I miss Keagan.




Chapter 16:


Lexi’s POV:


“You’re going to pay for that little slip up!” Ryan yelled in my face in his office. I flinched away from him but he just grabbed my hair painfully and threw me to the floor. I let out a pain filled whimper and I wished I hadn’t. That only fuels him further. He enjoys my pain.


“Oh I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?!” Ryan asked in sarcastic concern. I glared at him which was a bad move since his foot connected with my gut. I felt the wind get knocked out of me as it took a few moment’s before I could even draw in a shaky breath. He got up in my face as I was lying on the ground,



“You almost ruined everything for me!” He yelled in my ear. It was times like these that I wished his room wasn’t sound proof. He punched me in the gut making me gag and groan from the pain. Couldn’t he just kill me?



“I’m going to enjoy this!” He growled and ripped off my nightgown making me squirm to get away from him, but I still hadn’t regained function of my legs fully yet. He was on top of me in moment’s. Bending his face down he bit my ear lobe hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to leave a mark,


“I’m going to make you scream…”



I sat up panting and sweating as I recalled that awful memory. It was when I first tried to tell a nurse after I found I could somewhat talk. But in her hurry to please her doctor, aka Ryan she blabbed how I was talking, so he rushed over to where I was and said he wanted to take this opportunity to ‘open me up some more’.

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