The Sword in the Stone

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Chamberlain 1 

Matthew Chamberlain 

Mrs. Verstegen 

Wednesday 9:30 Class 

4 February 2010 

"Hail, the King of England!" 

It was a beautiful, crystal clear Christmas morning in Londontown. As the massive church bells started to ring clearly through the cold, frosty air, the vast amount of people in the streets at that time all started to rush through the slushy snow towards the now wide, open doors of the glorious church. The children followed behind. Among this vast amount of people was Sir Ector, a very elderly, respected, and valiant knight. His two sons were with him, Arthur and Sir Kay. Sir Kay, who had brownish, curly hair, was somewhat like his father, but he had the tendency to speak before he thought. Fortunately, Arthur was almost the exact opposite of his brother. He was quiet, and being Sir Ector's squire, liked it that way. As this miniscule group shuffled into the church, Sir Ector asked his older son, "What do you think of Merlin's prediction?" Merlin was a wizard. He had made a prediction. The king would be revealed. 

"All I've got to say is that crazy old dingba" 

"Quiet. Not here!" exclaimed Sir Ector.  

"I think that Merlin is right. I think it will be interesting to see how he chooses the king," spoke Arthur carefully.  

"Thank you, my son," sighed Sir Ector.

Chamberlain 2 

This tiny group rushed into the reverent church, a little later than expected, and the priest was droning on monotonously. However, everyone in the church was wide awake and listening, waiting impatiently for something wonderful to happen. It did. A massive bang, accompanied by a blinding flash of light, caused everyone to huddle in their seats, waiting for someone to explain what happened. Forgetting about the Mass, they slowly crept to the door of the church and shaking, peeked outside. In the middle of the courtyard, a gleaming sword was stuck in a large, rounded stone. The stone, which was stuck on top of a large, black anvil, had the majestic words inscribed, "WHOSO PULLETH THE SWORD OUT OF THIS STONE IS RIGHTWISE THE KING OF ENGLAND." 

Intrepidly, every single knight there tried. As they rode up to the stone, they all boasted, "This is so easy. I'll have the sword in the stone in no time." However, their strength was soon exhausted and without result. 

Grumbling, they shuffled away, "It was an old wizard's trick. I was foolish to try." Arthur watched in amazement at the amount of people failing to do as the stone had commanded, but he never actually considered trying himself. He was not a knight.  

"Our king is obviously not here," said the Archbishop, "And so we must tell every knight in the land about the sword in the stone." 

Later in the year, it was decided that on New Year's Day, there would be a tournament in Londontown, after which the knights would intrepidly try to pull the sword  

out of the stone. Once again, the group of Sir Kay, Sir Ector, and Arthur made their way into Londontown for the massive tournament. As Sir Kay's turn to fight drew near, 

Chamberlain 3 

Arthur helped Sir Kay put his armor on. Gasping and heaving with effort, Sir Kay finally got the heavy and impeccable armor on.  

It was all going along quite well until Sir Kay commanded, "Now, hand me my sword." 

"Oh my gosh, the sword!" Arthur gasped, "I must have left it at the inn!" 

"Go and get it," Sir Kay roared, "And hurry!" 

As Arthur passed the courtyard, with tears in his eyes, he knew there would not be enough time to go back to the inn. Suddenly, he saw the sword in the stone. His face brightened. There was the answer to his problem! He rushed over the freezing cobblestones in the churchyard, and he pulled the sword out of the stone, giving no credit or thought to the amazing miracle that had just occurred. Arthur rushed back to the tournament.  

"Just in time!" Sir Kay exclaimed happily. "Wait! This is the sword in the stone! Where did you get this?" Arthur explained to everyone what he had done. Everyone crowded around and listened in silence. 

Some people, who did not believe him grumbled, "The boy is lying!" 

The people led Arthur back to the courtyard. They told him to put the sword back into the stone. In it slid, like butter. Sir Kay could not stand it anymore.  

"Out of my way!" he roared, pushing people aside. He tried to pull the sword out of the stone but to no avail. "Okay!" Sir Kay said angrily, "Now you try."

Chamberlain 4 

Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone easily. Everyone screamed and hollered as if their lives depended on it that afternoon, as they paraded through the streets with Arthur exclaiming, "Hail, the king of England!" 


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