Finding Out You've Found Love

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Have you ever been so overcome with emotion,

that you cry without reason?

That you look in the mirror to see your tear-stained face,

only to see you’re not sad at all,

and you’re not scared anymore?

There’s a sparkle in your eyes you’ve never seen before,


And once you realize that’s what this emotion is,

Do you cry tears of joy?

Do you smile at yourself?

Do you feel terrified yet thrilled?

Do you feel the happiest than you’ve ever been?

Or do you stare at the new sparkle,

wondering if who caused it,

knows what they’ve done to you?

If they understand how much they mean to you,

how much you love them.

Do you know if they love you back?

Do you wipe the tears away with a giddy grin?

Does your heart feel like it’s on a sugar high?

Do you feel as though the world focuses on you

in this moment?

Because in this moment,

you’ve found love.


You feel complete.






Your life is changed forever

in an instant.

It’s not like in movies,

no sappy music plays in the background,

or maybe it does,

and maybe it does seem like a movie.

This would be the scene where you realize you’ve fallen



into love’s open arms.

Your tears have started to dry,

and what hasn’t,

gets wiped away by the back of your hand.

You are strong,

with love.

With love,

you are unstoppable.

So with the new sparkle in your eyes,

you turn away from the mirror,

back into the world,

and you love.


And yes, this did just happen to me :)  The song in the sidebar was playing :)  And to you-know-who-you-are, <3

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