Chapter Twenty-Six

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  • Dedicated to In Loving Memory of Tad, my original brother by choice. I miss you. 5/5/93 - 2/1

Chapter Twenty-Six


The sun was shining brightly on the back of my neck and I could feel myself waking up slowly. I was so warm and comfy. Snuggling deeper into my sleeping bag, I noticed a foreign weight on my waist. I peeked my eyes open just a crack and saw Artie way closer than he was when I fell asleep. His arm was draped across my waist and it was radiating heat.

I debated on whether or not I was going to move myself out from under his arm or just stay where I was and go back to sleep. On one hand if I moved I'd probably end up waking Artie too and he looked so darn adorable when he was asleep. On the other hand what if Artie woke up and saw me sleeping with his arm around me and was disgusted? What if he didn't want to hang out with me anymore.

It was the look on his face that decided it for me. He had the cutest little half-smile on his face and he looked so at peace that I just couldn't bear to move a muscle. If I disturbed that peace I'd never be able to forgive myself. In this moment we were both content, even if one of us was unconscious.


I woke up and felt refreshed, like that was the best nights sleep I'd gotten in ages. I stretched my arms out in front of me and opened my eyes, letting my arms fall back down. I looked all around me to see if anyone one else was awake yet.

Decker was still sound asleep on his bed, his sheets tangeled around his legs. Chase was lying on top of his sleeping bag with his foot dangerously close to Lewis's head. Hannah had herself sprawled out in her sleeping bag and her mouth was hanging wide open.

I looked down then and saw Lee curled up around a teddy bear I hadn't seen earlier. My arm was lying around her waist and I blushed a little when I saw it there. I started to pull it away when I saw a crease form in between her eyebrows. I curled it around her waist once more and her face smoothed out.

I laid there and watched her, comitting this scene to my memory. She really looked like an angel lying there. Her hair was messed up but caught the light shininng in through the windows. There were no signs of frustration anywhere on her face. She looked perfect and I couldn't help the proud feeling that surged through me. This perfect girl was my mate.

Decker started shifting around and I closed my eyes quickly so he wouldn't catch me staring at Lee. I heard Decker sit up and let out a mighty yawn before he got out of bed.

The sound of Decker's footsteps must have woken Chase because soon I could hear his half-asleep, incoherent mumbling. Before too long everyone was waking up. I faked my oen awakening and soon after Lee woke up too.

As I was rolling my shoulders, stretching the muscles out, my eyes caught Lee's. She blushed immediately at my polite smile and looked down at her hands. I wonder what that was about...

We all packed away our things and took showers before we headed downstairs to do some post-party clean-up and eat breakfast. When I walked downstairs, freshly dressed, after my shower I was feeling like I was on top of the world. Sleeping with Lee in my arms really took me to cloud nine.


We cleaned and cleaned and then cleaned some more. After everything was clean then we had to repair all the broken stuff or toss what was irrepairable(not as much as last year surprisingly). All in all we were busy for most of the day.

When that was all said and done I kicked everyone but Hannah from the kitchen and we set to work making lunch and baking Decker's birthday cake. Every now and again one of the guys would come in and we'd chase them from the room with various kitchen utensils, Hannah nearly took Lewis's finger off with a handheld mixer...

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