"We will continue this discussion after the meeting adjourns."

As Zeus took his place at the podium, Poseidon escorted Lexi to an empty chair next to Odessa before taking his seat on the other side of the table. Odessa reached for Lexi's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze just as a nymph appeared at Lexi's shoulder, handing her a goblet of water. Lexi recognized the nymph as Celia, whose dimensions had grown nearly as prominently as Lexi's, and the two shared a smile as they regarded each other's bellies.

"Good day, fellow gods of Olympus." Zeus' voice boomed over the assembly, causing Lexi to startle and spill water on her dress. "Thank you for making time to participate in this council meeting. Today, we will hear from three of our honored council members. Dionysus will speak on behalf of the vineyard satyrs. As you know, their numbers have dwindled, and he has concerns as we head into the fall harvest. Hestia is making her yearly plea for assistance with the architectural preservation society and the need for more able hands. We all know Heracles cannot lift every pillar himself. And, finally, we will accommodate Lexi and Odessa as they present a modified version of the agenda they wish to enact as part of their legacy council."

Zeus gestured Dionysus forward and relinquished the podium to the slender, red-faced god. Lexi listened attentively as Dionysus described his plight with the burgeoning vineyards and the troublingly low numbers of satyrs to pick the fruit. Unfortunately, Dionysus had no reasonable suggestions to remedy the situation other than using centaurs, who tended to damage the grapes due to their large size. Hestia took the stand next and quickly reminded Dionysus that she needed the centaurs to help carry the heavy loads for her restoration projects. She beseeched the gods to speak to all their acquaintances and encourage anyone with a strong back and stalwart constitution to join the labor force.

When Hestia took her seat, it was Lexi and Odessa's turn to face the assembly. Lexi couldn't say whether Odessa had picked up on the theme of the meeting, but an idea had begun to form inside Lexi's head, an idea she hoped to use to their advantage.

"Pleasant day to everyone, and thank you for hearing Odessa and I speak on behalf of Gaia and the titans," Lexi began as she smiled at the faces of her friends. "As you recall from our summer meeting, it was suggested a special council be formed to conceive ways we can better align with our purpose as gifted gods. Our first effort at an agenda was refused by the council, so Odessa and I have modified the original to include only two of the four objectives. Volunteering, which would take the form of participating in duties relegated to satyrs, centaurs, and nymphs. And philanthropy, to be carried out as acts of generosity in the mortal world. It is hoped these acts of altruism will not only benefit Olympus as a community, but it will go far in honoring Gaia and her original plan for all of us."

Lexi paused, allowing the gods a chance to speak up, and when no one protested, she proceeded with her newly hatched idea. "As I listened to Dionysus and Hestia present to the council today, I was struck with the realization that their requests make the perfect argument in favor of the legacy council. Dionysus needs more hands in the vineyards, so why not enlist the help of willing gods. It would be the perfect volunteering opportunity. The same goes for Hestia's request for able bodies to restore the ancient buildings of Olympus. Heracles can take a break from lifting pillars to assist with recruiting. I have yet to meet anyone who can refuse his charming smile."

Lexi settled her gaze on Odessa, gesturing her toward the podium, and Odessa stepped forward to say her piece.

"I believe Lexi has spoken quite well on our behalf, but I would like to add that as of today's date, we have fifteen gods and goddesses who are interested in joining the legacy council once it has been approved. They have agreed to participate in any and all volunteering opportunities, as well as philanthropic endeavors. The odd number will prevent stalemates in voting, which we will continue to observe as the council grows. Thank you very much for your time and scholarly consideration."

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