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It is said that there is 7 people in world who has similar face as yours. There might be a chance you will meet them but you hardly have that chance. But oh you're from Hindi serial? No worry, you will just find thousands of your lookalikes!

In many of the serials, after sooooooo many incidents, suddenly there is a new person who looks just like the protagonist or antagonist, or anyone. And later they find out that they are lost twins at birth, or something like that.


I agree that there is some real story of some people in world who met their twins who was separated at their birth or just met a random person who looks like them and that might happen in real.


Hindi serial is far away from these. It is very annoying in Hindi serials!

This is not the only case.

After someone dies, there comes the lookalike of the dead who is either going to replace his/her part or who is actually himself/herself! They got away after their body got burned and somehow returned into the story.


I just get cringe whenever I see these idiotic serials. They just gets on my nerves!!!

People here might wonder "if she hates Hindi serial so much, why does she even watch it!? Just go and watch whatever you like!"

No, it doesn't go like that in my house.

If I had choice, I would always turn the channel to English movies or English shows. But I am not allowed to do that.


Because my grandma and grandpa lives with us and it is not polite to watch it in front of them. So I am just stuck with these DAMN HINDI SERIALS for some reasons and I want this frustrations out!!!

And I don't sit and watch every serials, no bloody way!

Whenever I eat evening snacks in random time, I just sit in front of the TV and watch whatever mom or grandma is watching. And believe me, if you just watch one episode, you come to know what's currently going on in that serial. And so that's the reason.

And one more reason is, TV is visible from the dining table so we watch TV during dinner and that's the time Kumkum Bhagya shows so that's the reason I am quite confident with the details of that serial.

I am not much of a TV person since I am not allowed to watch what I like, I usually just bring my food in my room now a days because serials irritates me to that extent! So I haven't watched recently much.

From now on, my 10 hours of daily life is spent in school, so I wont be up with regular updates and it might take forever for the next update. Bear with me!

Anyway, if you're enjoying reading this total random crap, do vote comment and share!

Until we meet next time :)

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