Yandere!Gold [Lies]

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This chapter was requested by Vellta and MarriottDarkHeart

I am so sorry for skipping a week of update. I have finals. Now that those were done i can continue this book :D

I haven't write much yandere these days,but i tried to do something different. Not sure this is different from a typical yan x reader (where character would go on a killing spree or commit murder to reader and all. Or even kidnapping),but i'll do my best here!

Happy reading :)


Gold had always been there with you. Ever since you were kids. He loved you the very second his eyes met yours. He'd do anything to make you happy.

You were such a pretty girl. Beautiful h/c hair and shining e/c orbs. He loved everything about you.

But he also wants you to love him back. And he'll do anything to make sure. So he just had to do that.

-Age 7-

You just move to New Bark Town with your mom,anxious of your surroundings. Your mom got divorced with your dad and took you with her. He was an awful man,lost in alchohol and always abuse you two. Thanks to that you have issues in relationship and finding friends.

You didn't know anything or anyone in the town. But out of the blue a boy named Gold from the nearby pokemon daycare walk up to you and ask if he could show you around. You hesitantly took his hand,but he grinned and tell you all about the small town.

"Hey,it's okay. I won't hurt you." He grinned.

"Hey Gold,who's the girl? She just move in?" A girl with blue hair asked.

"This is Y/N. Y/N this is Kris." Gold introduced.

"N-nice to meet you." You shyly mumbled.

The three of you were having a great time together. You slowly open up and laughed with them. The other kids from the town eventually got to know you too.

As it was getting late everyone went home. Kris and Gold accompanied you back home,to make sure you're safe.

"Well,it seems you've made some really nice friends." You mom smiled as you nod in reply.

"Then we'll be going back." Kris bowed.

"See you tomorrow,Y/N!" Gold waved as he rush back home.

You waved back,and as his figur disappeared into the dark you walk inside and to your bedroom.

You were getting along really well with the kids in New Bark Town. But especially Gold and Kris. The two spent most of their time with you. You and the bluenette would play dress up and sometimes got Gold to crossdress (which is funny),while the boy would take you two to his daycare and let you play with the pokemons there.

Times passed and before you know it you were already ten. Professor Elm asked you two a favour to retrieve back a stolen pokemon from a kid around your age. Kris herself wanted to tag along to help. Gold had the Cyndaquil and Kris took Cikorita. You already had your Piplup which your dad gave when he was on Sinnoh.

"Hello? Earth to Y/N?"

You snap back to reality and looked around. Kris was playing with Marill while Silver was sleeping underneath a tree. You saw the raven was waving his hand in front of you,concerned.

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