Chapter Ten

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Brooke's POV

noun informal
1. a compulsive shopper.

We parked outside the mall, I stood in front of the front doors, basking in it's glory.

I haven't been to the mall in forever, and Justin said I could get anything I wanted. He really shouldn't have said that. It wasn't that I was an over excessive spender and didn't care for the value of money, only with shopping, I knew no limits.

"Oh god." Justin mumbled as I gasped, Forever 21 coming into view. "That store has the ugliest shit I have ever seen."

My eyes widened, "You know that really tight shirt I have, the pink one." I decided to tease him a bit.

He gulped, "The- the one you wore when I took you?"

"Yeah," I said carelessly, "you know where that's from?"

His eyes turned a shade darker, "Where is it from kitten?"

"Forever twent-"

I didn't even get to finish before Justin was tugging me into the store.

"Let's find another one of those, yeah?" He smirked, leaning down to peck my cheek.

I rolled my eyes at him, beginning to wander around the stores, skimming through the racks. I do admit, some stuff in this store is really quite ugly, but when you get lucky, some things in here were the favourite items in my closest.

The rack of sweaters and shirts came into view and I immediately walked over to it, picking out a white shirt with some lace on the back.

"Hey baby, this one's my favourite."

I turned to see Justin holding up a sweater that says 'back off, I'm taken.' He truly was so childish sometimes.

I scoffed, "You wish."  I wouldn't wear a shirt like that even if I had a boyfriend.

He shrugged carelessly, him giving me a look that said 'I'm buying it for you anyways.'

I picked up a few more tops before standing in the line for the change rooms.

Justin was at my side in seconds, viewing the clothes I had in my arms. He nodded in approval, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Next!" The lady said to me and I told her how many items I had, she nodded and started walking to a change room, Justin follow behind.

"Oh excuse me sir, you're not allowed in there with her." She said, raising her eyebrows at him.

"Piss off." Justin rolled his eyes, not caring about the girl.

She scoffed at him, mumbling under her breath before walking away.

"Justin, no. You're not coming in the change room with me. You're staying outside." I shook my head at him walking into the stall.

He hummed, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Fine, but come out and show me every shirt."

"Fine." I grumbled, going into the room and locking the door. I stripped off my shirt, leaving me in my red lace bra, before slipping on the white shirt.

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