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First Trimester

Durban Child and Family Welfare Society (now Child Welfare Durban and District) — for placing me with my wonderful 'forever family' and altering my life trajectory.

Author Sherrie Eldridge — for your groundbreaking book Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, Delta, 1999, which finally validated my feelings as an adoptee.

Alternative DJs Barney Simon and Helgé Janssen — for shaping the soundtrack to my youth.

Second Trimester

My writing mentors Amanda Patterson and Anthony Ehlers of Writers Write.

The Librarian at the Playhouse Company (ex-Natal Playhouse) Archives — for confirming certain dates in order for me to portray an accurate sequence of events in this story.

Jenny Crwys-Williams — for the opportunity of an on-air telephonic interview on your Book Show (4th June 2015).

David Hendersen of MyeBook, indie authors Rachel Morgan and Sonia Killik, as well as Clare-Rose Julius of Porcupine Press — for helping me out with industry contacts and invaluable insights regarding best practice for the production, printing, distribution, and marketing of self-published books.

Carlyle Labuschagne of the South African Indie Revolution, Melissa Delport of Authors Magazine, Mandi Friedman, Marcia Love, and Deborah Du Plooy — for opening your little black books, plus all the networking opportunities and promotional platforms you so generously provide for our community.

Life coach Graham Le Sar — for helping me 'shift my stuff', and psychiatrist Dr Eleanor Holzapfel — for suggesting I give life coaching a try in the first place.

Third Trimester

Last but not least, my tribe of loyal friends, family, and colleagues ­— for all your unwavering support and patience during the lengthy gestation and delivery of my book baby. I couldn't have done it without you.

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