Amber eyes

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Amber eyes can sometimes get confused with hazel eyes though hazel eyes have flecks of red or yellow.

Amber eyes always remain a golden hue. Amber eyes occur when the iris has a lower melatonin and high pheomelanin.

People with this eye color are said to have wolf eyes, because their color resemblance and personality traits. Like wolves these people are social animals and have a need to fit in.

They can also be cunning and alluring and found to be sexy and very appealing.

Amber eye color, also known as wolf eyes are a rare human eye color which according to Wikipedia, describes them to have a "solid color and a strong yellowish/golden and russet and coppery tint". These types of eye colors are very common in wolves, hence the name wolf eyes.

Amber eye color is said to result from the deposition of lipochrome
lipofuscin, a yellowish pigment on iris. Lipochrome is also common in green eyes. Although many people confuse amber eye color with hazel, they are different because, although hazel eyes do have the gold and amber color specs, they also contain many other colors that include brown, orange and green. Furthermore, hazel eyes have ripples and flecks that appear to be shifting in color while amber eye colors have a solid golden hue.

Most people with amber eyes have predominantly gold eyes. However, it is common to get people with amber eyes that are copper or russet colored. In fact, this makes many people to confuse amber eyes for hazel, especially when they have some light golden grey colors.

However, you will notice the dominance of yellow pigment in amber eye colored people. Just like any other eye colors, amber eye colors are genetically caused.

We have already mentioned the fact that amber eye color is rare in human beings. However, amber eye colors are common some animals such as domestic cats, owl, fish, pigeon, canines, and eagles.

In pigeons, amber eyes are thought to be caused by pteridines pigment that is yellow and fluorescing. Similarly, the bright yellowish eyes that the Great Horned Owl has are due to xanthopterin, a pteridene pigment.

It's considered by many as the world's most rare color. This eye color is commonly seen in Asia and South America. Its variants will range from a golden high amber to richer copper color.

This eye color is regarded by many as stunning and hypnotizing. It's an inherited trait, which involves complex DNA genes and various gene stems. So, yes your eyes can truly say about your ancestry. Because the color is very rare, you should be very proud that you have it.

Individuals with this eye color are viewed as a bit reserved. Then again, they can be very warm. When you get to know them, you'd find that they could be a great conversationalist. These eyes are trustworthy. They can easily hold the attention of a person. It's one of the reasons they're considered as great in any type of conversations.

They can see well in dark or very dim spaces. Because they have the same eye characteristics as the wolves, they could get a little crazy during a full-moon. But they don't turn into wolves. Rather, they'd like to go out and engage in outdoor activities, like camping. This is probably because wolves like to howl and bark during a full moon. Although people with this eye color don't howl or bark, full moon just makes them want to get out of their houses.

But there are some individuals who don't possess those characteristics mentioned above. Instead, some of them can be gentle and compassionate. They can have internal strength, very profound and sensitive to some issues.

Others with this eye color may tend to be mysterious. It's simply because they don't want to let many people into their lives. Even so, they're passionate about their lives.

Compared with other eye colors, amber is ranked as the most alluring color. It's one of the reasons people with this eye color are considered sexy, charming and very desirable. They can have a hint of dominance and easily adapt to various situations. These individuals can have full of positive energy, so they can easily have a lot of friends. They're very sociable and want to hear other people's opinion of some matters.

As mentioned earlier, your eye color could change over time. If your eyes are amber, they could change depending on the light, mood, and makeup. Your mood can alter the size of your pupil making the iris appear to be of a different color. Although the quality of the melanin isn't changing, it's simply the light that reflects through the iris that causes the change.

In the first couple of years, the baby's eye color could change. But the only way to change your eye color is through clothing, lighting and color contacts.

Some said that putting honey in your eyes will change them into a darker color. This isn't true. The only thing that it could do is to make you blind. When you place honey in your eyes, you may think that the color changes. It does change but it's because of the inflammation in the cornea as it tries to eliminate it from your eyes.

If you have amber eye color, you're just as prone to any type of diseases that people with green, violet, brown and blue eyes. However, because your eyes lack melanin, you're prone to suffer from detached retinas. The absence of melanin may also increase the occurrence of carcinogenic melanomas for patients with lighter colored eyes, just like amber.

Melanin is such an important pigment in the eyes as it can act as a protective agent. To maintain healthy, luminous, you should consider seeing your ophthalmologist on a regular basis.

For those with amber colored eyes, they never thought that theirs were beautiful, until they are told that their eyes are gorgeous. Although experts consider individuals with this eye color to usually get out of their houses under a full moon, it doesn't always apply to those who possess it.

Some of them dislike being called to have wolf eyes. So be careful when describing your friend or colleague with this eye color. Never call women with amber eye color as "una muter lobo" or female wolf. They may hate you for it. Most of them won't appreciate it.

Even though your eye color is rare, you should still make sure that you protect them to maintain quality of life. As you grow older, the risk of losing your vision increases. Make sure that you have regular physical examinations to determine if you have diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases can cause eye problems.

If you start noticing some changes in your vision, you should see your eye doctor.

Your amber eye color is indeed attractive but its beauty may be gone if it's damaged. So, protect your eyes from UV light by wearing sunglasses when going outdoors. Doing so will help reduce your risk of suffering from cataracts and other eye problems.

You should also eat a healthy balanced diet. As previously mentioned, you're more prone to retinal detachment because of the lack of melanin in your eyes. However, you can prevent it by eating food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You should also consider supplementing your diet with the use of eye vitamins. They can make sure that you're getting the right amounts of nutrients to maintain healthy eyes.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed amber eyes and learned something new you didn't know I enjoyed making this since I have a friend with this eye color hope you guys have a splendid Sunday goodbye.

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