Green eyes

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Green eyes are beautiful to look at. They are also extremely unique and very rare! It has been estimated that only 2% of the world's population has green eyes. To give you an idea of just how special green eyes are, consider this factoid. Currently, it is estimated that around 7 billion people live on the planet.

Going by the math, this means only 140 million people have some shade of green as an eye color. There are only a handful of celebrities who have green eyes and even a smaller number who are male If you are one of these people consider yourself lucky.

Since the color is so rare people possessing, them are found very desirable and are also known to have intense and long lasting relationships.

Green eyed people are also known to be mystical and magical, and during the Salem witch trials, having green eyes was a way to identify if someone was a witch.

Green eyes are also associated with envy hence the term "green eyed monster".

So people with this eye color may be more jealous then people with different eye colors.

People with green eyes are also known to be hyper and love to laugh. They tend to be quiet and shy at first but once you get to know them they never shut up.

They're loyal and like long committed relationships and amazing friends. Green eyed people are rare, but they do attract others like a magnet.

Green eyes are very beautiful but often hide coldness. Sometimes people with this eye color are selfish but not all of them usually depends on the person.

People with green eyes have a temper and only really genuinely respect over achievers.

They are often leaders, they are determined and endowed with sharp and penetrating minds,talented and capable.

In romantic relationships, they rarely manage to give their partner the right compromise is,not one of their strengths.

They are more curious then others and have more interest. They tend to like classic arts. They are very good listeners and speakers.

They are often self centered,and calculative in nature. Green eyed people are believed to be curious and sharp minded.

Green eyed people always make others laugh and are known to have feline characteristics, sleekness,sneakiness, and coldness are the typical characteristics of felines.

Top 7 definite traits

7. Devious
Since people with green eyes are unique they tend to look very attractive. Their eyes reflect a mischievous and devious personality. Their eyes reflect a lot of thoughts but you would be unable to guess properly. Their eyes would reflect intellect and playfulness at the same time. Their behavior includes contrasting poles of wisdom and childishness. Their personality would reflect rebellious behavior. They take risks in their lives to gain new opportunities and experience new challenges. Green eyed people have impulsive behavioral characteristics. They are humorous and have the ability to be attractive and charming. Their eye magnifies their smile which makes them look more appealing. According to research, people with green eyes have the most fun loving and playful personalities.

6. Passionate
Green eyed people are hard working and passionate about everything they do whether it is about their profession or their personal lives. They are sincere and have the gift of being attentive and listen to their speakers. They have very strong feelings and emotions about love. A person with Green eyes will bring gifts and flowers to you even when it is not a special day. Since they are passionate about their career they will excel their career profession than the rest. People with green eyes are goal or result oriented and has the will to solve every problem in their way. These green eyed people have the desire to fulfill excellence in their goal. They are filled with inspiration and passion in everything they do. People with green eyes are purposeful and selfless in their actions. They have clear sense of beliefs and have values as they see life as a series of choices and options which they willing to obey to live.They are passionate lovers and tend to have long lasting relationships. They are capable of having unlimited patience.

5. Mystical
People with Green eyes are also said to have a mystical personality which makes them have a curious and Charismatic personality. They have an air of mystery around them. I guess that is why most of supernatural characters whether it is a shape shifting cats with glowing green eyes, witches or most of the Disney animated villain characters have green eyes. There are many myths and legends about supernatural creatures such as vampires and mermaids having green eyes that bewitch their victims with their eyes. They have unpredictable, mysterious and magnetic personalities. They have a personality of being self sufficient who does not need anybody's approval for their actions. They are quiet and observant. They keep their opinions to themselves. They are contradictory and unique. They have the ability to be calm and polite while having a conversation.

4. Jealous
Green eyed people are mostly presumed to be having jealous personalities. Jealousy is a factor which is often termed as the negative feature of their personalities. Ever heard of the term 'Green eyed Monster' coined by the famous Shakespeare in his plays Merchant of Venice and Othello? It is associated with green eyed people having jealous personalities. Green eyed people sometimes have a tendency to make you feel uncomfortable through their jealous actions and behavior. Their behavior would turn negative and unreasonable when they are jealous which will make you fell unsupported. They are known to show passive aggression and veiled hostility through their behavior when jealous.

3. Charming
Green eyed people with the rarity of their eye color are found to be the most charming and good looking people. Men with Green eyes are seen as most handsome and they seem to attract and have strong influence on women due to their dreamy green colored eyes. You don't believe me? Then take a look at the Hollywood heartthrobs like Gerald Butler, Robert Pattinson, Jensen Ackles, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale etc whose Green eyes are one of their prominent features that make them look so attractive. I guess that is why Green eyes are said to be related to passion and sexual powerless as people with green eyes are naturally drawn to people. They respect you and genuinely show that they are glad to meet you. They are confident and have an enigmatic charm. They admit their mistakes. They have a knack of being a social magnetism through their charming personality.

2. Creative
Green eyed people are very vibrant people and are found to have very creative skills. They are very imaginative and are often with a creative job. They are always filled with brilliant ideas which can create various methods to achieve their respective goals. They are inspirational and their creative ideas reflect their actions. They have an unique and distinct thinking process than the others. The green eyed people have high observation skills and have a tendency to be curious about others. They conceive endless possibilities which creates outcome for creative expressions. However they turn their life's obstacles.

1. Intelligent
People with Green eyes are known to be very intelligent people and have a great passion towards their lives.They are very good speakers .These intellectual people with green eyes are known to easily employ serious concentration even in highly distracting environments. Green eyed people are highly intellectual and are gifted with razor sharp mind which can easily assess each situation in life. They are gifted to think differently than others and have the ability to process and learn information more rapidly. They have inborn sensitivity and awareness of life. They have the ability to reach their goal or developmental milestone faster than others. They have a great ability to assess through their life through using their inherent and effective skills. Green eyed people are smart and can hold a valuable conversation. They are open minded. Green eyed people pride themselves on their opinion. They do not allow distractions and focus on a singular path without any distractions or mental unrest.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed green eyes I have green eyes just so you guys know. And hope you have a wonderful day and goodnight bye.

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