Brown eyes

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Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world. They are formed when a person has more melanin in their iris then a person with bright eyes.

Someone with this eye color is known to be loyal,independent and have a knack for exploring.

These traits make people with brown eyes the best leader. Because they exude strength and confidence.

Brown eyes are also known for their keen sense of elegance. No matter the occasion.

Brown eye people will show up in style with flow and grace.

People rocking brown eyes are also considered very adorable. Because they are known to cheer other up and make them laugh.

People with brown eyes are very wise. They don't let anyone tell them what to do, and they like to be the center of attention.

They are very funny and are good at making people laugh and cheering them up when their friends are down in the dumps.

They are very good at making new friends and they are very kind and mysterious.

They are very creative. Their weak point is that they can be to shy to let people know how they feel.

They are also known as good kissers and will love you when not wanted. They fall for people they haven't known long.

They are usually hyper and crazy people. People with brown eyes are faithful friends, but only allow a few lucky people in their circle.

They are straight shooters and honest to the point of being intimidated to those who aren't used to such honesty.

Most brown eyed people are very attractive and adorable. They will do anything for that special person.

Loves to please the one they care or love for very good kissers, are straight up warriors they are not one to mess with.

Here are top 8 facts about brown eyes.

Although you are not responsible for the colour of your eyes, nature has doomed you in the way you are but the colour of your eye is like a sign for people to know you in a better way. It is believed that people with brown eyes are trustworthy and honest. For them the only way to succeed in life is the way of honesty and are less likely to get strayed from their paths. Guys that doesn't really means that you can trust someone with your life while sinking in the ocean of difficulties just because they have brown eyes. It is just a quality that some people possess and most of them have brown eyes.

Brown is the most common eye colour in the world but the qualities they have are the most unusual ones. They are mostly curious to know new things and are interested in finding things even at the cost of efforts of scrounging for a coin in a stack of trash as if they are going to find a piece of gold in it. The most unusual thing about this curious lot is that they perceive things in a much different way, for these people efforts are never in vain, they believe it to be the method of introspection, that is, a way of understanding their limits and pushing their boundaries.

Being adventurous is another quality that defines a person with brown eyes. If you are in the company of such a person you are surely going to enjoy adventure camps, skydiving, sandboarding and animal encounters etc. These people are tough and don't really get afraid of things easily. These people are always keen to take risks without thinking about the consequences of the situation. These people can surely brighten up your day by the jolly nature they have. Guys if you have one such friend that has brown eyes then you really need to be cautious while going out for movies with them, this is not tree to tree love stories appreciating lot rather they can get pissed.

There are many preposterous notions associated with the term creativity, to clear this picture creativity is not reflected only in creating things and decorating them but the light of creativity enables a person to have a different outlook towards life and visualise things in a better way. These pals are good at doing this so you can surely visit them not only to get a canvas painted but to find the solutions of your problems too. You might get some interesting suggestions from them. Due to the interests that the people with brown eyes possess they can easily work as a writer, fashion designer, interior designer, wedding planner as these professions are born out of creativity and are meant for the creative lot.

Do you think you are a nature lover just because you plant trees or you avoid cutting them? A true nature lover is not the one who plants 2-3 trees a day or a month but the one who analyses and appreciates each and every aspect of nature. The brown eyed people are one of them. They have a different way of looking at things but they might fail to explain themselves in a good way. They carry a happident smile always as they are believed to be the happiest ones. This quality of brown eyed people gives them a better philosophical character which in turn helps them in falling in love with the nature.

You might not be happy with this most common eye colour that you have and I'm sure either you are using or thinking about going for contact lenses but my dear, changing your eye colour will only help you in changing your appearance but will not the change the qualities you are blessed with. You guys are blessed with motherly qualities of love, fertility, warmth, affection just like our earth. Brown eyed people are considered as great lovers due to such earthly qualities along with the combo of being honest and trustworthy. If they love you they will stick to you no matter how hard it is. If you have brown eyed guys around you, trust me you have a magic pot in your hands and all you need to give is the affection and attention which these people crave for.

Class and elegance are the qualities that define them. If you start checking them out from head to toe, a perfect outfit with right pair of shoes and an elegant bag will surely flabbergast you. There is something about these dudes and babes which is unmatchable as the schizophrenic personality they carry makes them fit for almost every mood of the day, be that a party mood or a lazy lad mood. Whatsoever these people do from eating to walking and talking there is a pinch of sophistication in it. Most of them are luxury stuck. They are those turtles who are at ease in their own shells but can turn into ninja turtles within seconds if you attack them in any way.

Perceive them to be the trees with a thick bark as people with brown eyes are really hard nuts to crack and do not forget to add that their roots are deeply embedded inside earth because you can really shake them off their position when they are confident about something. Brown colour when signifies eyes represents and highlights the qualities like strength, power and self-confidence. They usually make irrevocable and justified decisions. Due to this great decision making they can opt for professions that involves the usage of this talent like Judging in courts. You guys can really be great and useful assets for our country too only if you choose to be.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed the first part to brown eyes in this story I will try to update soon well I hope have a nice day and goodbye.

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