Touhou Themes

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Listen to the theme your zodiac is to hear all the parts bc all these songs I like
Aquarius: Eirin's Theme

Pisces: Sukuna's Theme

Aries: Suwako's Theme

Taurus: Suika's Theme

Gemini: Mokou's Theme

Cancer: Reisen's Theme

Leo: Kanako's Theme

Virgo: Byakuren's Theme

Libra: Ran's Theme

Scorpio: Satori's Theme

Sagittarius: Kaguya's Theme

Capricorn: Shekieiki's Theme

Tell me who you are
Touhou is not a anime
Hope u like urs m8

Quick thing Aquarius is from moon and is like some kinda servent nurse to Sagittarius and she immortal bc drug, she is 6A boss so final boss of Touhou 8 IN
Pisces is smol like real smol a inchling, she can grow to the size of a child with a mallet tho. She princess and 6th boss final boss in DDC Touhou 14
Aries is a god and had her shrine taken away by Leo but the lake and shrine still have her last name and is Touhou 10 MoF 7th boss, extra boss
Taurus is a oni that grows big and gets drunk often with sake and lives with the first ever main character Reimu. Is Touhou 7.5 IaMP final boss
Gemini is a immortal human with fire powers. She became immortal by drinking a illegall drug (Hourai Exlir) that Aquarius made for her and Sagittarius. And is rivals with Sagittarius bc she didn't want to marry her noble father. Also is a playable character on Touhou 14.5 or point something ULiL but Sagittarius is stronger than her and is always tryna fight her but loses. Touhou 8 IN extra boss
Cancer is a lunarian rabbit from moon and master is Aquarius and Sagittarius are her masters. She is a playable character on Touhou 15 LoLK a main game so proud tbh. Touhou 8 IN fifth boss
Leo is a god who took over Aries shrine but still lives with her and is Touhou 10 MoF 6th (final) boss
Virgo is a Buddhist priest who is the Touhou 12 UFO 6th boss (final) and has a huge as ship
Libra is a kitsune who is the servent to Yukari Yakumo and has a shikigami. Is Touhou 7 PCB first extra boss (yeah Yukari is the second one)
Scorpio is a satori, has a younger stronger sister, and lives underground with a human cat hybrid and a raven (birb) human hybrid that is nuclear and one of the arms is a nuclear cannon. Is the Touhou 11 SA 4th boss
Sagittarius is the moon princess who was sent to earth along with Aquarius bc of the illegal drug and was executed many times but couldn't bc she was immortal and was asked to marry some people and ended up becoming enemies with Gemini and is stronger than her and Aquarius. She also didn't marry any of them bc her tasks were hard af so she did them herself. Is Touhou 8 IN 6B boss final boss
Capricorn is a yama. She lives in hell and judges if u go to purgatory or heaven. Touhou 9 PoFV final boss

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