Chapter Eight

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As soon as her surname was mentioned, Astrid's gaze became fixated on Curtis, curious as to what he knew about the family murders

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As soon as her surname was mentioned, Astrid's gaze became fixated on Curtis, curious as to what he knew about the family murders. She made no eye contact with Bill, even though he was clearly watching her, a witness to her mood changing drastically. Her face was no longer red from embarrassment brought on by being caught by them during her dancing, instead, her expression was quite stern as she waited for Curtis to speak. If anyone knew the story better, it was her, and Astrid was convinced that over the course of time that information had been lost or manipulated. She wondered just how much of his story was going to be fact and as Curtis glanced over at her, it seemed he was asking her permission to speak about what he knew.

However, Astrid neither nodded or shook her head to give an answer, she simply looked away from him, prepared to listen.

Remaining sensitive to the topic at hand, Curtis spoke in a soft voice. "The Perrot murders...well, let's just say the entire circumstances were really messed up, Bill. I mean, apparently, this man, he was seeing a woman of sorts on the side. She became mental though, obsessed with him, and killed the man's wife-"

Before he could say any more, he was interrupted by Astrid banging her hands against her portrait in anger. Her eyes were narrowed in his direction and if she was able to walk out of the portrait at the time, it probably would have resulted in him getting smacked. He took a step back, realising that she did not like what he had to say and Bill had picked up on it too as Astrid dropped her arms down to her side.

"Uh, I think it's safe to say that she doesn't agree with your story, Curtis."

"I'm only telling it as Donald did back at the shack," Curtis said, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle, " that's where one of the murders ended up taking place according to him. He said the woman killed the Perrot man thereafter she murdered the wife. They never found the daughter, I guess this is the reason why."

With her arms crossed in front of her currently, Astrid began shaking her head back and forth. She proceeded to leave the area of the portrait that was visible to the men, hiding away so that they couldn't see her anymore. To hear the story of her father's murder told in such a casual manner, it was offensive and to hear it be told incorrectly left her even angrier. It was true, Adrienne and Louis Perrot, her parents, had been murdered by the crazed bitch that was Bernadette Caron, but Louis had not been involved in an affair with her.

It seemed that detail had been added in, over time to add more drama to the story as if murder was not enough for people. They had to add the drama of an affair, making Louis somehow partially responsible for what had happened but it wasn't like that. He would have never betrayed his family in such a way, Louis had loved his wife and daughter, and everything that had resulted was due solely to one woman's obsession with him. He had been unable to protect Astrid's mother, so he did everything he could to keep Astrid safe.

Remaining in her corner, Astrid listened as Bill suggested that he and Curtis head outside to give Astrid some space.

"Look, Bill, I didn't mean to offend her," Curtis said in an apologetic tone as Bill closed the door behind them. "That's just how Donald told the story, I didn't claim to know the exact truth."

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