Chapter 18

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"Dāobā Xiao [1], we haven't seen each other for quite a long time."

A thirty-four years old strong looking man was sitting in one of Jin Ting's luxurious private room. While leisurely enjoying a cigarette, he took the time to greet Xiao Li.

"I'm a law-abiding citizen, so it's better if I don't meet with you too often."

Xiao Li smiled and also joked with him as he took a seat, "Commander Wu, why are you here so early?"

"It's to give you guys this." Wu Qing Hua opened the briefcase that was sitting at his side and took out a thick envelop and throwing it over, "How can I give you guys these secret documents right in front of Chief Zhou's face when it's taken from within his bureau?"

Giving him a quick glance, Xiao Li took the envelop and smiled: "I understand, if Chief Zhou doesn't see it, means that he's unaware of the situation."

Wu Qing Hua nodded his head in agreement while puffing out some smokes, he asked: "Why don't you open it and take a look?"

Xiao Li shook his head: "Commander Wu, you think too highly of me. Even if I look, I won't understand these things."

"What wouldn't you understand?" Wu Qing Hua pinched the cigarette stub between his fingers and reached over to snatch the envelope back, "Or could it be, you guys have a specialist that could analyze these kind of things? Fuck! Gangs nowadays really does have a great number of competent people." With that said, he opened the envelope: "Here, you can look at this laboratory test report. It's from the blood test that was drawn from you that day."

Xiao Li screwed his brows together and move in closer for a look; after a short moment later, he said: "Commander Wu, I really don't understand what I'm looking at."

"If you don't understand the numbers then at least look at the conclusion below!" Wu Qing Hua widened his eyes, then pointed at the section containing the conclusion before reading it out loud: "This chemical compound can paralyze the nerves, making it impossible for an individual to control one's own body even if the individual is mentally clear-headed. It is rare to see it in this province, but in the neighboring and some southern provinces, it is a very common and popular -----." He burst into a loud laughter before continuing to read again, "As seen amongst many cases, it is mainly used in bars, hahahahaha, I was thinking why was it so hard to find the motive for this crime, but as it turns out, it's actually directed toward your ass!"

If the lightning in the room did not slightly conceal the details on his face, it would have been possible to see the darkness that rained down on Xiao Li. The veins on his temple stood out, thick as roots, while the tiny blue veins twitched and became clearer like roads on a map. But still he maintained a slight smile, allowing him to loudly continue on with his teasing laughter.

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