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Pen Your Pride

I will fuck you up

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*When Prussia and America first started dating*

America: *sitting at a table with Gil and England* hey I'm gonna go to the bathroom, be back in a sec! *leaves*

Prussia: So England... I've been meaning to ask you ab-

England: Oh I know what you've been meaning to ask. That being said let me give you my opinion...

Prussia: *terrififed af*

England: *grabs the front of Prussia's shirt and drags him over then growls* if you hurt my little brother-my son-I will personally rip out your eyes, feed them to your brother's dogs, and sell you to Russia. I will fuck you up if you hurt him emotionally or physically. You will not marry him unless you ask me, you will not see him without a shirt until 6 months into your relationship, and you WILL NOT have sex utill you are married. So just as a recap I will fucking destroy you and beat your ass to kingdom come if you as much as lay a finger on him. Are we in agreement Gilbert?

Prussia: *trying not to cry* y-yes sir...

England: Good. *lets go of Prussia and sits back drinking tea*

America: *comes back* hey guys so what'd you talk about?

England: Oh nothing of your concern.

America: *laughs* whatever you say dude!

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