Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

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I ran into school and pulled my blonde wavy hair in a tight bun.

I smiled and waved to a couple of people before I reached my locker.

My best friend, Marisa Waltz then walked into school with her brother, Derek Waltz trailing behind her.

"Hi Christie," She said to me, smiling widely at me.

"Hi Marisa," I said, while taking out my books from my locker.

I then gave her a awkward hug as I was loaded with books.


I turned my head slightly and saw Derek give me a irritated look. Or at least he tried to....he just failed miserably.

"Hi Derek, did you enjoy the game last night?" I asked him, with a smile touching my lips.

"You know the football game was ok....but I think I would prefer it if the cheerleaders got to do some more routines," He said.

I laughed and Marisa groaned, "Derek don't you have some loser friends to go to?, goodbye," She said promting him to leave.

He gave me a wink, "If your talking about those same friends that you and your friends drool over than yes I will go by them,"

And with that he left us- Marisa glaring at him and me laughing at how easily he got Marisa upset.

"I know he's my brother, but sometimes he just irritates me," She said.

"I know, but he's got a point," I said.

She sighed, "I know, that's the worst part,"

Derek was not a footballer. Neither were his friends. They were just the bad guys that every girl wanted.

The guys that pulled as much pranks on students as teachers.

The guys that were cool without trying.

The guys that the cheerleaders were usually caught with when they were supposed to be with their football boyfriends.

Which was exactly why Marissa hated them.

She simply didn't like the whole system of, boy likes girl- girl likes boy- they get 'together'- boy throws the girl away like a useless toy- girl ends up crying and broken hearted.

But I don't really care about the system.

I'm not saying that it doesn't make sense. I get it- guys are jerks sometimes.

But aren't girls to?

I know that sounds really stupid of me to say, but its true and you know its true.

Think about it- girls use boys the same way that guys use girls.

Its like a large messed up cycle.

Its just how life is, so why try to compete with it?

Why try to make it different?

People are just going to do the same old thing at the end of the day.

Maybe my thinking was messed up but it seemed logical and until someone proved my logic I was just going to have stick with it.

"Hey christie, lets go by Josh," Marisa said.

"Yeah, sure," I said.

We went over to Josh and the rest of the football team.

"Hi Josh," Marisa said.

"Hey Marisa," He said waving a dismissiv hand.

You guessed it Marissa and Josh are going out.

They've been dating for almost three years now and Josh still treats her bad when he's around the football team.

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