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the young man was born blind into the world.

never saw shapes, letters, numbers and especially no colors. didn't even know what they were honestly.

he was innocence at its finest most say. docile, sincere and kind to anything and anyone he met.

as the only child, his parents took great pride in him for his intellectual talents despite his disability. it never stopped him from being independent and do things he wanted to do.

however, he had always been homeschooled. excelling to great heights for his age, he already began college studies in the second year of high school.

but something was off. seokjin knew it was time to go to a public school.

seokjin wanted to make some friends. he really didn't have any besides his parents and dog.

... taste some new foods. he had been eating his mother's cooking ever since he was little.

and most importantly discover the outside world. he knew he would be taking a risk. it was dangerous for a blind young man to venture out.

if only he knew...

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