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warning: mentions and suggestions of sex.

You had been back from Dan's parents house for about a week now, thank God. You still hadn't stopped cringing from that night. There was a YouTuber party happening at Caspar and Joe's flat that you had all been invited to. You weren't the partying type and neither was Dan but they were YouTubers and most of them were your friends.


"Dan what the hell do you have on?" You asked as he walked into the door of Caspar and Joe's flat.

"It's my spikey floral shirt!" He smiled, you stared at the ghastly thing he had on. It was a horrible black and white shirt with flowers all over it and spikes. Where he got it was a mystery to you.

"Why do I even...?" You trailed off and just face palmed making Phil cuckle behind Dan.

"I told him not to wear it Y/N, honestly." Phil giggled, you took him into hug and he gave you a pat on the back, like a "bro hug". You then turned to Dan and glared at him for a second before you kissed him.

Then you all walked over the the chips and drinks where Louise, Zoe, Emma, and Joe were all standing.

"Sup losers." You said as you went over and grabbed a chip.

"Hey Y/N, hey Dan, hey Phil." The small crowd murmured.

"Yo ma girl!" Emma yelled as she ran over and picked you up by hoisting you up by your legs and then set you down.

"Hey Em!" You giggled while trying to finish your chip.

"Dan what do you have on?" Louise gasped as she gestured to his shirt.

"My spikey fl-"

"His ugly spiky flowery shirt that Phil told him not to wear." You cut him off, causing everyone, including Dan, to laugh.

"It's not that bad." He joked.

"Oh it's pretty bad." Joe laughed.

"Shut up." Dan said playfully.

"Let go dance." You suggested to Dan and dragged him out to the dance floor.

*play song above* 

Skin by Rihanna was playing as you and Dan were "dancing" (neither of you were very good at it.) You couldn't help but get turned on, who wouldn't? You had Daniel James Howell dancing with you with Rihanna playing in the background. Dan was began frantically grasping at your waist and just about anything else he could grap in the public eye. His large hands wrapped around the edges of your waist and started to trail upwards. You began kissing, his kisses began to trail down your jaw finding their way to your neck.

You softly whispered in his ear "Dan not here."

"I can't help it Y/N, you're just so..." He began kissing your neck again. You thought on it for a moment.

"I would love to get that shirt off you." You whispered.

"I could say the same for you." He breathed.

"I do believe that there is an unoccupied bedroom just up the hall." You responded.

"Let's get started." He gave a slight chuckle and led you down the hall to the room.

*~* (This ain't smut! But you can all figure out what you did in that bedroom ;)

You and Dan walked out of the bedroom. His fringe is curling at the end due to sweat and his face is red with exhaustion. You walk over to Zoe, Louise, and Emma who are just standing there giggling at you. Phil walks over with a disapproving look on his face.

"What?" You asked as you looked at all the faces staring at you.

"Uh, Y/N? May I ask where you and Dan were?" Emma asked while trying to hold back a laugh.

"Oh, Uhhhh, I had to help Dan with the...thing, yeah, the thing." You had always been bad at lying. Dan face palmed behind you.

"You were helping Dan with the thing? For half an hour? Did the thing just so happen to be his boner?" Emma giggled, your face dropped and Dan froze.

"Uh, you, you know?" You asked shocked.

"Darling I'm pretty sure the whole party heard, you need to learn to be quiet." Emma giggled, the party was smaller than you originally thought. It was likely they could hear you and Dan.

"Oh God." Dan groaned.

"I'm just gonna go and crawl under a table and avoid humanity for a little while." You said as you began to walk away, Dan grabbed your arm and whispered "Nope, if I'm going down you're going down with me."

And that was the night you would never ever...ever live down.

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