Chapter 4 - Accidental kisses and blazers

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I was driving behind Edward and Bella to Forks High School, today was my first day at the place. I swallowed down the bile that had risen in my throat as Edward signalled and turned left causing me to do so too. He'd thankfully slowed down enough for me to keep up and not got lost, yeah google maps would help me if he had burnt rubber and ditched me but my mobile data had ran out thanks to Paul constantly messaging me on Facebook. The idiot had broken his phone and had to resort to using his mother's laptop for means of communication. We stopped at a red light and I noticed as I gazed through the Volvos back window that Edward and Bella had stiffened up like wooden boards, their bodies practically pressed against their side of the car. I'd noticed that Edward was acting oddly around Bella, practically keeping his distance when they were alone, maybe it was because of the whole James situation a while back? I didn't know but I hoped he cheered up soon since it was Bella's birthday in the next week. Shit I hadn't got her anything yet. The red light turned green and we began to move forward again, getting closer to the school. I felt my eyebrows furrow not out of nervousness but out of stress for what to get Bella for her 18th. She hates presents but I always buy her something so with me, she sucks it up. She was barely into anything aside from Shakespeare and I'm pretty sure she had his whole collection. She didn't even wear jewellery well apart from the odd occasion where she wore the charm bracelet I bought her for her 16th. Maybe I could get her another charm for it. Then I blinked and realised that I was pulling into the high school car park. Shit when did that happen? I parked next to Edward and Bella, before leaning backwards and snagging my rucksack off the backseat. It was what Bella had bought me for my 18th. She'd had it custom made for me, a simple black rucksack but was covered in my favourite band logos, FOB and Panic! As well as Halestorm, to name but a few, then there was lyrics that had meaning for me on the side.

I got out slamming the driver's door to my car, shivering slightly as it as freezing and had no winter clothes, before walking to back of Edward's Volvo where he and Bella were stood. I looked and saw their hands were entwined. As they walked me to the office I caught a glimpse of Edward's cuff that bore the Cullen Crest on it, peeking out from under his shirt sleeve. Then it came to me, the perfect charm to get Bella for her bracelet. A Cullen crest. I grinned and I caught Edward's eye and he slowly smiled at me obviously seeing it in my thoughts. I sometimes wish I had Bella's freak mental ability to hide my thoughts but then again, how many mind readers did you come across? I saw the office door and stopped in front of it. "I'll meet you guys in the cafeteria before classes start" I said before I pushed the door open, I heard their muffled goodbyes as the door swung closed. It was so warm in the office and my cold body gladly accepted it. I crossed over to where a desk and a middle aged woman, who had the same motherly look as Esme did, sat. "Hi, I'm Natalie Swan, I'm starting here today?" I asked and she brightened up slightly and smiled at me. "Ah yes Natalie Swan, daughter of Chief Swan" she said as she began rummaging papers out the way on her desk. "Yeah that's me," I shrugged. She handed over a handful of paper and I caught sight of her name badge, as I accepted them, "Thanks Ms Cope," I said as I quickly shuffled through them. "You're welcome now this is your schedule, map of the school and a slip that needs to be returned to me after all your teachers have signed it" she quickly explained. "Okay thanks, I best be off then" I said and I turned and walked away. "Have a lovely day sweetheart," she called just as I got to the door. I wrenched it open and called back, "You too Ms Cope!"

Once I left the front office I wandered over to the cafeteria which was only down the corridor as I skimmed my timetable quickly. Today I had art, history, English, chemistry and mathematics. A full day. Obviously I had those subjects those were the ones I'd picked as well as the compulsory PE and Study lessons, thankfully I didn't have PE till Wednesday. I shoved it in my pocket and spotted the Cullen's sat at their table, I quickly walked over and noticed they'd got me a chair out too. I sat down quickly and noticed with a shiver that it was cold in the cafeteria, nothing compared to Ms Cope's office. "I like your shirt," Rosalie said as she glanced down at the short sleeved shirt I was wearing underneath my thin denim jacket. It was black and it said "Blink if you want me" in a bold red print. I grinned at her "Thanks," "Don't you have anything warmer?" Jasper asked looking at me in concern. "You look freezing," I nodded and sent a glare over to Bella who blushed crimson. "I don't exactly have winter clothes the only thing I had was my Parka which Bella stole last year and still hasn't returned. I haven't had to the chance to go shopping yet," I said quickly. I watched as he shrugged off his blazer sort of jacket before throwing it to me. "You need it more than I do," was all he said and I quickly through it on. The arms were too long but I didn't care, it was already starting to warm up. "Thanks Jasper," and I sunk into my seat slightly, pulling it tightly around me, catching his scent all over the jacket. Apples, hay and leather. "I can take you shopping if you want," Rosalie offered. "Yeah that'd be nice, what about you Alice," I said glancing over towards the little pixie vampire but she shook her head. Your fashion is different to mine, I saw a vision of you getting angry because I keep trying you to buy clothes that aren't black or dark colours" "Well I do hate the colour pink," I said and she let out a laugh. Suddenly the bell rang and I whipped my head around noticing how the cafeteria had gotten fuller as we'd talked. Edward, Bella, myself and Jasper stood up, the others were on frees/ Study lessons. "What do you have?" I asked Jasper as I headed in the same direction as him after saying our goodbyes and Bella and Edward leaving in the opposite direction. "History? You?" he asked as we walked up the corridor. "Art, I have history next, it'd been nice to know someone in my class," I said as we came to our classrooms, his closest mine three doors down. "You'll be alright" he said and I felt a calmness wash over me. I quirked an eyebrow at him. "I feel fine stop doing your emotional thing on me," I said. He laughed and I began to shrug out his jacket. His hand rested on my shoulder, halting my process. "You need it more than I do, keep it" he said. I looked up and just slowly nodded as I stared in his eyes. He suddenly seemed to snap out of it as he removed his hand. "Anyway see you at lunch," he said, I turned as I heard books clatter to the floor, as a boy had dropped them as he rushed to class. "Natalie I have to go," he said and I snapped my head back to him, just as his lips touched mine. It lasted for all of a brief second before we jerked backwards. "Natalie, I, I was supposed to kiss your cheek," he said looking anywhere but at my eyes. "Its fine, my fault. Anyway I have to go. Um see you at lunch" then I left him, rushing to my own classroom as I felt colour rush up to my cheeks. My lips were tingling from the accidental kiss.

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